Kids Go Nom – Nom!

Jimmy isn’t particularly a pre made baby food fan and neither was Florence! It could have been a handy little time saver for me on occasions; I am totally the sort of Mum who would bung them a jar now and again but I have never really been able to on account of how they just refuse them! The only ones either of them have ever really eaten (and I’d still say not very frequently) are the fruit puree pouches.

I think the draw has been more down to the actual pouch than the contents if I’m honest. They like the idea of holding them and sucking out of them. I don’t think either of them have ever finished one though and that’s been over 2 or 3 sittings with it going back in the fridge in between. They’re so expensive that I just don’t buy them these days.

I think I prefer it that they don’t like them though because as I said, they ARE expensive; if my children were eating them regularly it would be a big dent in the shopping budget! We were sent a product to review that works for us and we think would work for the people who use these pouches regularly too! Nom-Nom Kids make their own reusable pouches which are to be used with your own food! The novelty and ease of the pouch with food children will like and cheaper and cleaner for the environment! Win win I say!


Easy to clean, fill and reuse!

Designed and produced by a Mum who uses pouches these ones are exactly what you would want. After trying others on the market which didn’t open up fully at the top, were hard to clean and expensive she came up with her unique design which works perfectly!

These pouches have a zip lock so filling and washing is easy but they have the spout for children to drink out of. They can be filled with smoothies, yogurt, custard, home made baby food, anything you like really!


Once filled to the line they can be kept in the fridge for later!


The proof is in the Greek yogurt with honey!

They’re cute, bright, fun and easy to use. They cost £6.95 for a pack of three and extra caps or singles can also be purchased. A fab design which are enticing for children too! Love it!

I was sent some of the Nom-Nom Kids pouches for the purpose of an honest review.