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When I was little my Mum and I went on lots of lovely holidays. I was very lucky and she worked extremely hard as a single Mum to make sure we had those experiences together. It gave me the holiday bug and taught me so much about life in other countries, with other cultures and beliefs. It gave me an education which I have never stopped subscribing to the school of. I’ve since passed on my holiday vibe to my husband for he too became a travel bug when we got together and I have lovely memories of travel with him too.

With Jonny we’ve travelled all over the place creating fabulous memories and finding places we would love to go back to with our own children one day. We don’t get the opportunity to travel much these days; with two small children money is tight but I have dreams of the adventures I want to embark on with my little ones and they’re all inspired by places I have been before…

I hope you enjoy these postcards from my holiday tales past which are my inspiration for family holidays future…

Love From Morocco – Aged 8

I’ve been eating sheep’s brain soup and having to cover my hair when we walk through the streets. It’s very exciting but I feel like everyone is looking at me and I don’t know why? My Mum says it’s because where we are visiting is very unwesternised and the people aren’t used to seeing children with such blonde hair. She says they are looking at me with interest and not to make me feel on show so that made me feel a bit better. We’ve met so many other interesting people and some of them pray in mosques not churches!

Love From Tunisia – Aged 14 (which is a holiday I have previously written about for a different Mark Warner/Kiddicare competition here)

Mum and I really love Arabic countries and we came to Tunisia  to celebrate Christmas. It’s very odd being in such a sunny climate at this time of year but I’ve met a friend who I just have a funny feeling will become my life long best pal. She’s called Eve and this holiday over Christmas and New Year 1994 is just the very start of lots of great adventures for us!


Love From My 21st Birthday in Magaluf…

I’m having a fab time giggling with my three girlfriends but I’ve decided clubbing into the small hours is just not my thang! Live music and cocktails are more me so I’m just reading Bridget Jones and soaking up the sun! I’m young, free and single for my 21st birthday pop which my friends have made very special and I have a feeling this might be my last birthday before I meet the man of my dreams… Just a thought!

Magaluf Postcard

Love from India – My first holiday with Jonny

Jonny and I have known each other since we were about 12 but we got together at Christmas and this summer we are celebrating my 22nd birthday in India! We flew to Mumbai where I found the poverty compared to our luxury hotel just too frightening. I want to help but how? People are surrounding our car every time we leave the hotel begging for money and we give what we can but it’s not enough. One day I stood looking out of the window in my air conditioned 5 star hotel room with a bowl of hand polished apples next to me and there was a woman bathing her baby in a dirty puddle out on the street. The thought makes me want to cry, how could it be? We are in Goa now, to finish the trip and the beaches and parties are amazing but somehow I don’t think I’ll ever forget that woman and suspect when I have children of my own the memory will break my heart even more…

Love From New York – 4th July Celebrations 2004

Jonny and I have travelled all over the place; from sun holidays to weekend breaks! I’ve loved Berlin, Egypt and Bruges amongst other places but this holiday in New York is my favourite so far! Ten whole days to explore this iconic city and we’re seeing baseball games, Coney Island, Staten Island, The Empire State Building, all the museums, shopping on 5th, cocktails down town and so much more! Highlights so far have been Shakespeare in Central Park and the amazing little find of the ‘Trailer Park Tavern’ in the Meat Packing District! I bet I’ll be talking about their tater tots and cocktails for years to come! We’re here for the 4th of July celebrations which is amazing and I have never seen fireworks like the ones over the Hudson tonight… Lyle Lovett in concert at Battery Park, dancing in the streets and everyone happy! It’s just like a movie!


Love from our wedding on the Algarve…

Jonny and I found Lagos on the Algarve on one of our holidays and we fell in love with it. As I sat on Estudantes beach that very first time I said to Jonny ‘I want to get married here, it’s a magical place!’ And guess what? Now we have! We married in Luz before a big beach party on our little cove beach from that very first trip! In the evening we had a big meal and shindig in our favourite restaurant ‘No Patio’ and danced all night. A holiday with ALL our family and friends, what could be better? We didn’t do things the traditional way as the baby came first then the wedding but hey, Florence made the most wonderful bridesmaid! This holiday is awesome!

Ruth and Jonny Wedding Postcard

Love from our first holiday as a little family…

We don’t have very much money but having a little sunshine with my new family of three, just us, was important so we saved very hard and got a bargain basement deal. We’re in Turkey and Florence is delightful! Having the three of us together for a whole week is perfect but our hotel is not… And the resort is horrid! I guess you get what you pay for! Still, we’re making the most of the sunshine and beach and the food is amazing for our first little holiday just us!

Turkey Postcard

Love from Portugal…

We’re so lucky because my Mum has taken us back to where we got married for a treat. We’re a family of four now so it would have been very expensive without her help but my Mum wants my children to have the experiences I did as a child. I want that for them too so we gratefully accepted her kind gift and it was a wonderful fortnight to be with her as well! The children just thrive in this sunshine and I breathe big happy sighs every time I see them in the pool. This is the life…


Love from the cold caravan…

I saved up tokens from the newspaper and although it’s winter we’re having a fabulous time in a caravan in Norfolk. Cold but wonderful and my Mum and I are taking the children to the beach and swimming. Jonny had to work but my Mum loves a caravan holiday and it’s wonderful for the children to spend yet another week in her company! She teaches them so much! What’s even more of a treat is that my friend and her children are staying here too and all the little ones are having a ball! The best bit is the swimming pool and Florence has even learned how to swim! I’m so super proud!

Florence learning to swim!

Postcard Caravan

So these are some of my favourite holidays and my inspiration to travel more and have more experiences with my little ones. I want them to benefit from travel and family time just as I did when I was little… Jonny and I have been to lots of places we would like to revisit with the children and we KNOW we all love a sun holiday but we’ve none of us ever been skiing so wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to experience all together for the very first time?!

I wonder if Jimmy might be too young to ski but I think Florence would LOVE it! I’m sure Jimmy would find lots of things to keep him happy what with all the hot chocolate and snow and I would just LOVE to try snow boarding! I also think we’d rather enjoy the apres ski… Fingers crossed and maybe this could be our next break, you never know? Perhaps you can expect a snowy ski postcard from us soon…

This post was written as part of my application to become a #MarkWarnerMum for Mark Warner holidays. We would love to review either a sun OR a ski break for them, their holidays sound fabby-duppa! They get everything sorted out from transfers and food to even a touch of child care for some Mummy and Daddy time – we’d better be careful then, if we get chosen we might come home with nearly three children instead of two!

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  1. Oh you look so dreamy in the New York photo.
    I have been to Magaluf too but the less said about that the better *coughs*.
    This looks like a winning entry – certainly the best one I have seen.
    Good luck!
    L x

    1. You are very kind, thank you. NY was simply amazing, Magaluf… Hmm, not so much! Great company but dire resort!

  2. What a lovely way of writing your memories. I am writing postcards for different places my children visit on day trips, but are too young to remember. I will give them to them when they are much older. x

    1. We all do, everyone’s put so much into their posts, it’s brilliant! Thank you.:-)

  3. What a wonderful collection of memories – LOVE the way you’ve written them (those memories of India would break my heart too) can’t wait to read your postcards as a #MarkWarnerMum – best of luck xx

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