Kitchen Nomad Box!

When we went to the Foodies Festival at Clapham Common we discovered this new company called Kitchen Nomad. It’s basically a company which sends out different food boxes each month filled to the brim with delicious treats, recipe ideas from chefs and interesting information about the food in the box and where it comes from. Every month the theme of the box is chosen by a country and it’s a simple, fun and interesting way of eating your way around the world! It sounded so much fun and I jumped at the chance to review their service for my blog.

I wrote a few weeks ago about how impressed I was with the box and I hadn’t even at that point tried any of the many recipes or ingredients that came with it! I loved the recipes from the chef and the ingredients were super exciting! I love Greek food (which is where in the world the box was from when I got mine) but have never attempted to cook any before now. We absolutely adore stuffed vine leaves but I’ve never even considered making them? I had no idea how!

Kitchen Nomad Box 2
The fab Kitchen Nomad box!

The box has ingredients in it that you might not know about or that are hard to come by and you use them with the recipes provided and extra fresh ingredients that you buy to make the yummy delights like the stuffed vine leaves!

Of all the recipes in the box, this was the one I was most scared of so I thought I’d give it a go…

We had loads of fun in the kitchen and the results were yummy! No photos I’m afraid as we ate too quickly without thinking but next time I shall show you my wares. Ok, so if I hold my hands up I’d have to say I can’t make very pretty stuffed vine leaves and they’re not all the same shape but… They tasted pretty great and the recipe was super easy to follow as was using the ingredients! I now have a new knowledge of food from Greece and know I can make stuff at home which is worth eating and doesn’t take too long!

The basic cost of the box is £25 (Including £3 for delivery) but if you order for a subscription then prices do go down. It’s easily worth £25 and just such a fun and interesting thing to have and to plan food with!

Why not join up and get your own Kitchen Nomad box – simply order and then once your kit arrives you combine it with some fresh produce to make all the yummy treats shown on the recipe cards! Wonder what next month’s theme will be?

I have not been paid to write this post but I was provided with a Kitchen Nomad box for the purpose of review.