Kitchen Warehouse!

Kitchen Warehouse!

Choosing a new kitchen is one of the biggest things a home owner can do and also one of the most fun investments you will make for the kitchen is the heart of the home and as these days it’s the place everyone congregates it has to be just to your liking!

I LOVED choosing our new kitchen and Kitchen Warehouse is the perfect place to make that first stop on your kitchen choosing journey!

When we were choosing ours I had in mind that I wanted a Butler sink, a Range cooker and a massive American fridge and surround that I wanted country kitchen vibes. I got exactly what I wanted as we were in a very fortunate position having sold in London (pricey) and bought in Norfolk (much better value) but actually, I wish I hadn’t lived with my awful London kitchen for so long as buying or creating a new kitchen doesn’t have to happen from scratch and it doesn’t have to be the mega spendy experience of starting out a fresh!

I knew the very heart of the heart of my home was going to be this Range cooker and the rest of the kitchen was built around it!
And the sink was another key feature – I just had this vision of a chubby baby sat in it and look what I got!

If you want a refresh for your kitchen but haven’t necessarily got the funds to rip out an old one and install everything new then it’s definitely worth thinking about simply changing the kitchen doors. The bones of them are all behind the scenes fodder but a new door on the front can make the world of difference! With hindsight I probably could have saved an absolute fortune going down this route myself and it’s definitely what I should have been doing in my London flat – my kitchen there was barely any bigger than a postage stamp and it would have been as cheap as chips. Instead I put up with this awful kitchen for such a long time that genuinely made me feel miserable. I love the kitchen and that one was not a place anyone wanted to be so that’s why I put so much store in having the perfect one when we moved to Norwich!

If you have the kitchen blues like I did then perhaps it’s time for a refresh, go on, get that heart beating again!