Spirit of Aloha 65 – Winter Cocktail!

Spirit of Aloha 65 – Winter Cocktail!

Aloha 65 is famous for being a summer beach drink first devised by ex pat barman Stephen Thorp at his beach bar in Florida. It took him 30 years to get the recipe right (and 65 attempts) but now, the 27% pure spirit (which isn’t gin and isn’t rum, it’s just Aloha) is often enjoyed simply with ginger ale or tonic, over ice as a digestif, as part of a delicious cocktail or how about shot, shot, shots!

Well, at 41 I might be past the shot, shot, shot stage but Aloha 65 is very definitely going to feature in my garden beach bar (remember the summer of 2020 when we couldn’t go out so we bought giant paddling pools and built bars out of pallets?) next summer but for winter I reckon we can make it work too right?!

My family beach bar NOT in Florida but in sunny old summer Norfolk!

Well the sun may be gone but the bar is still there (albeit a little bit soggy) and all being well we will have family over for Christmas (please let us be allowed lockdown Gods) so I shall be making them all a winter cocktail using the taste bud tinglers of Aloha 65 (fresh pineapple, ginger and chilli) and though this drink is traditionally served over ice I’ve given it a warming edge for lockdown 2.0.

The summer lockdown saw us drinking quarantinis but for mark two and winter it’s all about the locktini and this one is coming at you in place of a mulled wine (who even LIKES mulled wine anyway)!

Ingredients for the warming locktinin mixture (to add 3 parts to 1 part Aloha 65):

1ltr of Clementine juice (bought or fresh), slices of clementines, 2 tsp of mixed spice and 1 star anise – clementine slices and cinnamon sticks to decorate.


Pretty easy… Slowly warm in a pan over a low heat and then add to a shot of Aloha 65 for a warming Christmas locktini cocktail.


Serve in a jam jar (it’s not pretentious, it’s lockdown necessary then you can take them (lids on) out for a walk with your one chosen pal! Don’t forget to add a cinnamon stick as a stirrer and some of the clementine slices too!

I was sent a bottle of Aloha 65 as part of a partnership.