Ridolfi Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2018 From Independent Wine!

Ridolfi Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2018 From Independent Wine!

Independent Wine is a specialist in the nectar of the grape who offer FREE next day delivery (what could be more welcome for lockdown mark 2?) as well as FREE Christmas gift wrap (I mean what could be easier?) and though it’s a tough job someone does have to test them out and report back. This job has happily fallen to myself (yay) only of course being preggo tasting is ALL I can do at the moment (not so yay but for the husband it’s good news and happy days). Their e shop is open as usual for the festive period and frankly we’re going to be shopping there – everyone likes wine and you know what, if they don’t I do, I’ll help them drink it!

Love the gift wrap and love that the delivery and wrapping is FREE – it makes buying a more expensive gift absolutely the most important thing!

This month we have been sent a selection of wines to try from the service which I have to say come incredibly well packaged in environmentally friendly soft and squishy protective paper chains – honestly you have to see it to believe it but the first thing I thought was THAT’S SO SIMPLE, SURELY WE COULD HAVE BEEN PACKAGING LIKE THIS FOR YEARS?! Anyway, I digress, let’s get back to the wine.

One bottle I’ve been testing is the Ridolfi Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2018 – an award-winning UK-exclusive wine which I am told is a perfect example of the fresh and elegant style of Ridolfi (a family-owned winery in Montalcino). For a bottle of red I thought it was light and fruity which fits with the description where we are promised a deliciously fresh and floral wine with delicate aromas of redcurrant, red plum strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, sweet cake and dried red cherries.

I could definitely taste the richness of the cake and cherries while it still felt light on my tongue and actually I could have happily sat down with a glass or two with absolutely no food accompaniment whatsoever. It was easy to drink yet felt sophisticated and like it would be an really indulgent Christmas present too. Especially as it has an ageing potential of 10 years meaning it could be kept for a very special treat. My husband (lucky for him) just got to drink the rest (after I’d tasted) on a Saturday night but that won’t be an indulgence he’s offered regularly as this wine is absolutely for special occasions or thoughtful drinking. It’s a grown up drink, not a Saturday night party wine and I loved it – hurry up baby and then Mummy can have a proper glass!

Independent Wine has a very extensive shop and lots of advice for buying wines (check out their knowledge base) if you don’t really have much of an idea about what you like or how to choose. Especially if you’re not a wine drinker yourself but are after buying a gift. Their wines are absolutely giftable material and not your average run of the mill supermarket offerings so I thoroughly recommend looking them up and giving this particular bottle a go if you like a grown up red wine but don’t want anything oaky or in keeping with a gentleman’s club. It’s enjoyable to drink this tipple but on the sophisticated edge so give it a go and let me know what you think.

P.S, if you’re here looking for Christmas wine then you might like to know that Independent Wine are offering Zoom wine tasting parties for friends and family this festive season. With their free UK delivery of premium wine (on all orders starting from just one bottle) – not to mention their free Christmas gift wrap – it means that someone can order 10 bottles for 10 friends without extra costs. Traditional wine merchants charge around £7-10 per delivery (just sending the wine out to everyone would amount to a whopping £70-100). So why not gather your pals and do a wine tasting evening paired with some yummy cheeses and good old conversation – that HAS to be better than the quizzes of lockdown mark 1 right?!