Lands’ End Buckle Up For Winter!

Lands’ End Buckle Up For Winter!

It feels only moments since I took off my black tights and boots for the start of summer which is largely because it was. We didn’t have much of a summer did we? It started late, was incredibly patchy throughout and then the sun only decided to consistently shine the week the kiddos went back to school which was missing the point really wasn’t it. In lieu of having anyone I can actually write a complaint letter to about this I’m moaning here, hope you don’t mind! Because though we did get that fortnight of late summer sun, the deal is that it’s completely gone now and with dewy mornings and the light drawing in of an evening, we can safely say Autumn is upon us. We may not be able to rely on the sunshine in the UK but we can, at least, know that that Autumn and winter are far more likely to be on brand and do what they say on the tin!

The black tights and boots are out once more and as we move into those colder feels with the air temperature I feel it’s only a matter of time before I start having to layer up. Before we know it that will be head to toe coverage and with just a nose on display to be nipped by the frost we’ll be into coat season. I like to move gradually when it comes to fashion. Take advantage of milder days first with a gilet, my new one from Land’s End is just perfect. It sort of bridges the cold to the really cold rather well and looks great too. I’ve always loved a gilet as it goes. The youngest two in my gang have rather bright and colourful ones for themselves and it reminded me that the gilet isn’t just a fashion choice for children, in fact, they’re bang on trend for 2023 and I’m all over it!

The Women’s Down Gilet is super cosy actually and at £65 full price (there are often offers at Lands’ End, including right now) it’s really great value. It feels very high end, the sort of piece which will last you a lifetime and I love the way it makes me feel sucked in, it’s very protective and flattering on the waist. I have it in the colourway Deep Sea Navy and a size UK10-12. The material is 100% Polyester with the padding being 75% down and 25% feathers, despite this it’s machine washable which is a relief because, well, mum life! You can even pop it in a tumble dryer for a fast turn-around, again another bonus if you have small children with sticky hands like I do!

I love the zipper front, the dipped hem at the back (again this is very visually flattering to the silhouette I think, and the collar makes it look very classy. I love it!

But what about when it gets colder? Well, Lands’ End have got you covered there too with an array of gorgeous winter coats fit for a cold winter. And let’s face it, I suspect I’ll be wearing my coat in the house this year too because heating isn’t affordable anymore, it’s a treat these days and for the most part we’ll be wrapping up warm. The coat I have is great because it feels like an actual duvet that you can wear. I’m VERY happy to be walking around in the clothing equivalent of a duvet and if my husband does put his foot down on the “no heating before the end of November” rule he imposed last year, then I’ll just hole up in my Women’s Hooded Maxi Down Coat instead!

From £92 (with Lands’ End deals) this is the most brilliantly priced coat and definitely less expensive than the heating bill! Like the gilet it comes in a variety of colours and I went for black thinking it will go with everything (plus not show the sticky fingers as much) and again, I went for a UK size 10-12. The hood detaches for spot cleaning but the whole thing will go in the washing machine too and with the material being similar to the gilet it dries easily too. I love the popper pockets too, this is a fantastic coat – I’m so pleased it’s mine and I get to be cosy all winter long. Summer? Who needs it anyway, choose weather you can rely on and layer up accordingly I say! I mean… Not forever, we do NEED summer next year but… For now, I’ll settle with being warm in winter!


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