The LEGO NINJAGO Movie IS HERE – Review!

Never have I willed a baby to stay inside and not make its appearance so badly than last weekend when we were invited, ahead of general release, to a very special screening of the new LEGO NINJAGO movie with a super exciting Spinjitsu masterclass preceding the main event hosted by TV’s Dick and Dom and instructed by Olympic master, Jade Jones!

Jimmy was beside himself with glee at the thought of seeing the movie of his favourite, absolute bestest EVER programme on Netflix and for days and days ahead of party we were counting down in sleeps. To say I was nervous of going into labour a little early was a bit of an understatement and driving into London that day I simply had to push all thoughts of it out of my head as otherwise we would have truly missed out!

Jade Jones, the Olympic champion who taught the class was absolutely mesmerising with her high kicks aimed at the delightful Dick and Dom and as we (I use the ‘we’ rather Royally as I was simply spectating) launched into some high kicks of our own with a back drop of Tower Bridge and the London skyline to encourage us. stars from the show were out in force with Lloyd, Master Wu (I always thought he was Sensai Wu but what do I know?!) and the other Ninjas at the front the kids had an absolutely brilliant time learning the craft of Ninjago Spinjitsu – HOW exciting!

High kicking Florence – taking one for the team because there’s no way I’d get my leg anywhere near this high!
Enjoying the class – look at that bridge, aren’t we lucky to have been there!
Meeting Dick and Dom!

And then of course it was time for the film itself and as we headed to the Empire on the Haymarket the Ninjago excitement was palpable amongst our little gang and that of the Mummy Endeavours and Jacintaz3 crews. It’s always so lovely at these events to see so many friendly faces and we also had the pleasure of seeing plas from The Joy Of Five! I know that EVERYONE absolutely LOVED the movie and none more so than my little gaggle who came out waxing lyrical about needing to see it again it was THAT good!

Jimmy in his seat awaiting the movie!
Florence with her great pal from the Mummy Endeavours team!

I even enjoyed the film because let’s face it, if Warner Bros know exactly what they’re doing with their Lego movie franchise and as well as everything the kids could want there’s always massive buckets of humour going over their heads and aimed straight at the parents!

The film is gorgeous actually with a really lovely life affirming story line but offering plenty of laughs for all along the way. Jackie Chan not only choreographed the Lego Ninjas moves but he stars in the film in a kind of Karate Kid/Gremlins spoof/tribute and as the story of Ninjago, Lu Lloyd (as his dad Lord Garmadon calls him) and the Ninjas tale is told we are catapulted right into the world of Lego, Spinjitsu, Ninjas and Ninjago all the way!


We loved it, loved it, LOVED it!

Have a little taste of our special Ninjago day here with Jade, Dick and Dom’s thoughts and you can even glimpse Florence doing her high kicks! What a brill day!

It’s being released on 13th October in cinemas across the UK and we can guarantee your little Ninjago fans will not be disappointed in the slightest – and neither will YOU!

Thanks Warner Bros for an amazing day and inviting us to your brilliant Ninjago opener!