Little Bird Told Me – Softly Snail Baby On Board Sign!

I like old fashioned type toys. Anything wooden or that looks hand made and I find it aesthetically pleasing. Often though, the sad fact is, the children prefer the bright colours and simply leave the traditional looking toys behind them. It’s quite nice then, to get a balance between the two. Something modern bright and engaging for children but also something which looks pleasing for the adults!

Little Bird Told Me is a company which looking at their brochure, seems to manage that bridge rather well. They have some simply stunning looking rocking horses which combine the old fashioned toy with a new quirkier edge while looking almost as if they’ve been hand made with a rather skilled seamstress! They are made with patterned materials which are both easy on the eye and enchanting for children. There are pink ones, a red one, spotty one, tartan one… Even one that looks like a real horse and they’re soft and comfortable like an upholstered chair! There are other animals in their rocking range which roll on wooden rockers and the same gorgeous materials and style is used in the whole of their range which goes from the larger rocking items to play mats and right through to buggy toys and baby on board signs!

It’s a baby on board sign that we’ve been reviewing and we were sent the Softly Snail Baby On Board Sign for this post.

Little Bird Told Me Baby On Board Sign 2
The Little Bird Told Me Softly Snail Baby On Board Sign!

It’s lovely and even though it’s not technically for the baby to touch they have still made sure that there are different textures and feels to the fabrics. It’s something attractive to look at and I’m sure would get noticed in the back of the car which is of course what it is intended for. I think it would make a lovely present for a new Mummy or even for the baby if you don’t want to buy clothes and just don’t know what to get! I’d also say take a look at their toy range if buying a present for a new born as these ones are just delightful! Lovely!

I was not paid to write this post but I was sent the sign for the purpose of review.