Meet ‘Little Us’ – Dolls Just Like Me!

A new soft dolly is launching in the UK and will soon be the ‘must have’ toy for little girls everywhere (and indeed boys if they like)!

There are four lovely dolls in the new ‘Little Us’ collection and it is suggested that your child chooses the one most like her. Maybe Chloe who likes pink and wears ballet pumps, Amelia the animal fan with her double breasted jacket and shorts, Ruby who is rather cool in her dress and is the cheeky one or Millie, she’s a tom boy and wears contemporary leggings. Now, I’m not sure I like the marketing poly of ‘choosing the dolly most like you’ and I’m also not entirely sure I agree with putting their personalities in boxes but I do like the dolls themselves.

They are very sweet and well made with adorable woolen hair. Florence was immediately attracted to hers and has enjoyed playing with her ever since. We have Amelia who incidentally isn’t the one Florence would have chosen given the option but she is the one I think I would have picked as I really like her clothes. She looks like she’s going horse riding and isn’t blonde but brunette which is just a little bit quirky and different I would say. Florence’s complaint and I can see her point, is that you can’t take the clothes off. It’s a shame as they could make extra outfits for you to buy then your dolly could be interested in lots of things and have lots of different outfits!

Little Us Doll 4
Florence and her Amelia ‘Little Us’ doll!

They measure approximately 12″ high and are made from soft plush material. They say that they are perfect as a first doll as they are so soft and cuddly and I think that’s a good point. A tiny tot would love to play with one of these but Florence at 3 and a half also very much likes hers! They also say that the dolls are for play or sleep time and will encourage imaginative play. I’m not sure they’d particularly encourage imaginative play any more than any other dolly and again would say if they were a bit more versatile with the clothes then that might be more the case?

It is noted that future collections of the Little Us dolls will have new outfits with fun pre-school themes such as ‘My Favourite Thing To Do’ and ‘My Day Out’. Again I think this sounds rather prescriptive and not really very encouraging for imaginative play but they are lovely dolls. Any little girl would enjoy playing with one and they have adorable embroidered features for the face. I would just suggest getting on and playing with them rather than ‘telling’ your child who the doll is and what she likes – although that is what the company see as their thing and obviously that’s just my opinion!

They’re rather like an old fashioned rag doll with a modern edge which I like very much. Given the choice if it were down to me and I’d keep them more on the old fashioned side and be rid of the one with the heart T shirt and leggings. I think sticking to something a bit less ‘fashionable’ would work better! My favourite is the one we have but I think they’d do well to make some more with some slightly more nostalgic clothes – you can’t go wrong with a beautiful old-fashioned rag doll!

You can read stories about the dolls and follow their adventure on their Facebook page!

The dolls are available for purchase at £9.99, which i think is a fab price, they look like they would cost more than that. They are available in Harrods, Hamleys, Asda,com and Debenhams.

I have not been paid for this post but I was sent the doll pictured for the purpose of review.