Lockdown Diary #3 – Week Six!

Lockdown Diary #3 – Week Six!

It’s been a week of whirl again, getting used to a new baby does do that to you. Posie has slept quite well compared to the others but still it is tiring and with lots of waking in the night. But we have been keeping cosy inside as the weather has been so snowy, enjoying moments outside when we can bare to be that cold (sledging for the big two with Jonny while Raffie and Posie and I just watch for a few minutes then retreat) and trying to do home school as per.

Jimmy is hating it and we are too. Florence gets on with it but misses her friends and has been going for socially distanced walks with them one at a time to try and feel normal and Raffie continues to be stuck at home but doesn’t really know why. The boys have it hardest but for the three of them it’s pretty rubbish and with Posie it’s not how it should be either. She should be showered with her Grandparents kisses and isn’t. She should be meeting friends and being held by all but can’t be and I’m missing real life.

Still… We are lucky and have lots of very positive things going on including loving one more member of our gang who has just fit in like a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle that we didn’t know wasn’t there. But now that she is the picture is all the more beautiful and we don’t remember life before we had it!

And our other girl, our first baby, won a place at the high school she has been working towards getting a bursary for for months. She has put in so much hard work and effort that there was no luck involved when she got the letter to change her life. A 90% bursary and she’s off to spread her wings come September with all the doors open to her. We couldn’t be more proud of the one who made us parents, she will love every second and she deserved every single one!

Gram’s been staying and Valentines weekend means our family is filled with love. We are lucky!

Raffie does not like snow!
He’s OK in the garden where he can escape quickly back to the house!
But unlike his sister he is not keen. She however has been loving it and lovi g seeing her friends out on the common enjoying the snow too!
It’s too cold for Posie really so we haven’t managed a whole family photo yet!
The boys in the garden with snow shields!
Beautiful Posie!
She continues to capture our hearts!
Getting great feeding established is tiring. A new baby is tiring. But so worth it!
I think everyone’s been tired this week! Raffia is being so good and so sweet with her still and sleeping in the cot not in with us. He has surprised me and made me so proud as he’s still just a baby himself really!
Of course Posie sleeps the most!
I wonder if the rest of us can’t sleep really because we can’t stop looking at her?!
My newspaper column came out in the EDP all about having Posie at the NNUH!
Wednesday we gave Posie a bath in the hope to get her to do a poo – apparently it helps and it had been 5 days!
She loved it and it did the job by the end of the day!
The snack returned!
And we had a family walk even though it’s been VERY cold!
Posie wore a teeny tiny dress!
And continued to look adorable in her big sisters hat and gloves from when she was a baby!
Raffie got on a schema lining his vehicles up!
An in and out shot!
Gram came to stay for a couple of days!
We got a little windy smile!
Me one week post partum and I’m happy with that!
Raffie wanted in on the cute stakes!
Which isn’t hard when he’s this cute!
But come the evening on Wednesday he had a poorly tummy which thankfully didn’t last long!
All the love!
Baking Thursday!
With miniature cup cakes!
Green icing and dinosaur sprinkles!
And a bake off technical challenge for the big kids (which Raffie was NOT happy to not be involved with) where they made Mary Berry’s chocolate banana bread – somehow after blind taste testing Jimmy won despite putting very little effort in!
They had such a good time baking on Thursday that we did more on Friday as a team!
We made heart shaped vanilla biscuits ready for Valentine’s Day!
Which wasn’t easy!
We made them ready to be decorated on Saturday as there’s only so much mess we can deal with in one go!
Posie continued to be adorable in her outfits!
Which is good because she didn’t sleep at night time on Thursday night leaving us all mega tired!
But somehow it’s all mega forgivable when you’re this loved by your family – sisters, I’m so glad they have each other!
This was the week our special bug girl got offered a place with a 90% bursary to the school of her dreams. We are beyond proud if her achievements to the point of the whole family has been in tears of happiness at some point or another. There was no luck involved in this, Florence worked her socks off because she’s a clever, dedicated and beautiful person inside and out! Well Done special girl, we are beyond proud!
The ggorgeous four!
We feel like we won the lottery with this gang of ours!
So we celebrated all the love with a Valentines Day Get Treated box – I also had Get Treated goodies sent to the maternity department to say thank you!
Posie found the house very quiet while her big siblings had a sleepover at Gram’s!
She turned 12 days old!
And we finally got a full family photo. We may have tired eyes but wowsers we are bright eyed with love!

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