Lockdown Diary Week 2!

Lockdown Diary Week 2!

We started this week with a brighter and lighter outlook. The actual sunshine of last week disappeared but came back for the weekend and we have a far sunnier disposition as we all settled down into our roles at home finding an easier equilibrium. I’ve worked and been lucky enough to have been able to continue doing so, Jonny has been given the news his course continues albeit with more homework and he has been busy doing that while we have taken it in turns to entertain and educate the children.

I think educate is a very loose term as we haven’t been doing much structured learning. A little bit here and there but mostly we want them to just be happy and not stressed out so it’s been more days starting with P.E with Joe Wicks to get us moving and a bit of a relaxed approach as well as some musical Zoom classes and Cubs virtual meet ups – isn’t this smaller world actually quite huge! Half way through this week should have seen us begin the Easter holidays which we cannot enjoy as we would have done so we won’t try, we will do things differently and enjoy them in a new way. I think we will continue with a few lessons, arts and crafts and trying to enjoy being with each other, we need a plan or I think then we might get bogged down with a bit of boredom.

Gram has become a dab hand at downloading apps on her iPad and has been able to video call us for family chats that feel as in person as they can be right now and we continue to try and buoy each other up. It’s really been a good week with some lovely evening walks and actually we are all enjoying being in each other’s company (most of the time). There’s been jobs and DIY this week and lots of laughing with less arguing. Long may it continue and well into when this is all over.

The worry of what is happening is great but I am trying to keep it in check, not pass it on to the children and also limit the news and talking about it with friends. As long as I know what I am supposed to be doing I see not much good from reading sad individual stories which I find frightening and which make me panic. Instead I am trying to see the silver linings to this situation but don’t get me wrong, I know the magnitude. We just want to stay looking after each other and keep a happy outlook so we look forward to next week, it’s tough at times but we feel lucky, we really do! Here’s our week in pictures!

Hama Beads are art classes right?!
Well they had fun with their little kits Gram found anyway!
And they made some cookies!
Raffie played lots of football – his favourite thing to say right now is ‘Let’s play ball Daddy!’
We did some planting. I don’t think we would be self sufficient any time soon with our efforts but we might get a few beans and tomatoes, you never know!
Hama beading brothers!
The first of April and the big kiddos did me this on my door for an April Fools!
We did lots of painting!
Florence and I even did the rainbow – people are putting pictures of rainbows in their windows so we decided to paint one ON the window!
Raffie did Gymboree classes on line! I love that they can do this with streaming now and it makes life so much easier. Florence even had cubs via a Zoom meeting. When I think what it would have been like for me as a child and an only child at that, we feel very lucky!
And this way the whole family can join in!
More painted rainbows waiting for the real one to come!
This one has been loving riding his bike on our once a day family exercise leaving the house!
The big kiddos have still been able to do their ukulele classes using Zoom!
It’s just been amazing!
And chat to their friends!
Or play with them on Fortnite!
More PE With Joe – This was for fancy dress Friday. The Queen of Hearts, a highly trained US Marine (G.I Joe wasn’t quite descriptive enough apparently), Mrs McGonagall, Mr Mistoffelees and The Ginger Bread Man!
More bike riding!
Just loving the walks in the sunshine!
I think our late afternoon/early evening walks are the best part of the day, we will try to keep this up even after quarantine I think!
It’s all the more glorious in the sunshine!
We’ve all been in summer mode this weekend, it’s been lovely!
This one’s been painting the patio with water!
And has no idea about the changes being hard ones at times, through his eyes we are all here together and that’s pretty prefect as far as he can see. I think we need to see the world through his eyes more!
Florence has dip dyed her hair like we do in the summer holidays and with it the sun came out for a glorious weekend Sunday!
We took the sunshine to enjoy a BBQ of sausages and salads!
More sink baths and tea set games!
Evening walks in the last of the day’s sunshine!
A beautiful time of the day to walk – the kiddos are even moaning less that we make them go!
I love how they all have each other to play with and lean on!
And to next week!