Lola’s Coffee Bags – The Speciality Coffee Company!

Lola’s Coffee Bags – The Speciality Coffee Company!

Jonny says I’m a massive coffee heathen and can’t make it for toffee which is ironic as he’s constantly asking me to make him one regardless? I’ll admit I might not know how to make the perfect cup, I’m not a barista you know and not drinking it myself it’s hard to judge. However, he keeps on asking and I keep on making and he keeps on moaning (he makes me lots of tea too so it’s give and take).

I’m much more at home making a cup of tea – it’s easy to use a tea bag, they’re measured out for you then it’s a simple steeping of the bag in water for a few minutes before adding milk (I’m really au fait with this process and no one moans about my tea although it’s like sandwiches and always best when someone else makes it for you I feel). I’ve often thought it would be far easier to do the same with coffee thank you very much and as luck would have it Lola’s Coffee have decided the same and through the Speciality Coffee Company they have produced their very own house blend Lola’s Coffee Bags – HURRAH!

I can now make the PERFECT cup of coffee with absolutely no hassle and I promise, no complaints either. It’s all the ease of instant coffee (even easier in my case) but with all the taste of a proper speciality coffee which is absolutely Jonny’s preferred version. And absolutely not what he usually gets when I’m in charge of the kettle! At £6 for five bags (with 10% off your first order and cheaper prices the more bags you buy) it’s a heck of a lot purse friendly than going to the coffee shop and a whole heap nicer to have it practically made for you! Of course, as well as these bags there are other options when it comes to making the perfect coffee at home which can make being your own batista that much easier all round!

Open the individual sachet of coffee and remove the bag!
Pour on boiling water!
Leave to brew for 3 minutes or so!
Squeeze the bag and remove before adding your milk or not. It’s as easy as making a cup of tea! Literally!

Lola’s Coffee Bags are a rich dark combination blend with a high caffeine content to give you that boost you’re used to when ordering from an artisan coffee shop. They’re also individually wrapped to provide a fresh cup every time while offering notes of smoke and black pepper. There’s no waiting for a machine to percolate, just make it like a cup of tea and you’re good to go but you’d be surprised at the flavour provided by the Sumatra Gayo, Brazilian Arabica, and Indian Robusta blend which absolutely does not taste like it could be so easy!

Jonny loves them and as he also loves the children’s decaff frappuccinos which I make them for a treat (and I AM good at), I made him a special Lola’s iced coffee frap this weekend because I’m good like that. You can mix these bags up a bit out of their ordinary and have them like this if you brew, chill then add ice, caramel syrup, cream and chocolate powder to a blender before serving with a dollop of whipped cream and cocoa powder for decoration – well… It IS Christmas and the season for treats after all!

Something special for an extra treat!