Design Bundles And Elvis The Elf!

Design Bundles And Elvis The Elf!

Did you know that Elf on the Shelf is now so popular that over 14 million have been adopted by families worldwide – that’s a LOT of elf mischief every December and ours have been going strong since the big kids were tiny and they REMEMBER everything they’ve ever done. “Do you remember when they turned the milk blue?” or “That time when they brought a massive Barbie House BEFORE Christmas Day?” or “What about the time they put pants in our tree?” Our elves have very definitely been there and done that when it comes to thinking up the next fun idea so it’s been really super helpful (for them) this year to have a little nudge from Design Bundles who create digital designs providing products like printables designs, files for crafters and business resources all at a heavily discounted price! They are a fab company for family crafters and Etsy sellers alike so whether you’re a card maker, cricut lover or any kind of creative person at all they are worth a look see for their awesome bundles which sell on a “when they’re gone, they’re gone” basis!

Accessing digital products from all over the world with a low price tag is accessibility for all to get creative not to mention they also have a whole bunch of free designs and resources and our elves this year, with the help of new buddy Elvis to add to the mix, have been inspired by Design Bundles products for a whole new range of activities we have not before seen.

Here we have 12 ideas that Elvis brought with him from Design Bundles to inspire our own little family of elves and the kiddos have been loving it! If your elves have days when they struggle to think up something new, how about one of these?!

1) Let’s Bake!

Elvis brought with him a template to do elfy footprints (stencil from Super Sweet Party and pot holder from Miaker Gifts) leading to a crafting kit from Craft and Crumb which Florence absolutely adored baking on her own. Jimmy and Raffie enjoyed the eating!

Look what Elvis brought!
A Craft and Crumb ginger bread man kit!

2) Dress Up!

Seeing as ALL the elves arrived from the North pole in “elf” Isolation jars it stood to reason that they’d need a mask to wear after being released. The second activity Elvis the elf inspired them to bring was all they’d need to make some elfy PPE masks! (Elvis’s mask is from Cutey Face Masks.)

Can you make a mask like Elvis’s?!
Raffie wasn’t really interested in this one but the big two did a sterling job!

3) Colouring!

Because sometimes something easy is all you need and a little gift of colouring pages can keep kids occupied for hours.

Elvis is certainly teaching our ordinarily quite lazy elves a thing or two about how it’s done!

4) Christmas Cards!

Every year our elves bring the kiddos packs of cards to send to their friends at school but this year Elvis told them to bring some crafty things from Design Bundles so that they could make a couple of special cards for a couple of special grandparents! Just up the big kids street! (Tiny Christmas card made by Elvis is from Big Dog and Co.)

Making cards is a lovely idea!

5) Decorating!

A special bauble hand decorated by all three children for the tree is a fab little keepsake of all our family time together in 2020. I love this idea! (Baubles from The Vintage Daisy Store and Miriam Emerton.)

Bauble decoration!

6) Scavenger Hunt!

A fab yet easy activity can always be found with a scavenger hunt. Florence did a fab one for Jimmy’s birthday in the summer with an army theme and it seems Elvis had similar ideas for this little task!

Print outs like this are super easy but provide loads of fun!

7) Letters to Santa!

Now this is one our elves are usually on to be fair and every year they ask the children to write their lists and pop them them up the chimney so that Father Christmas knows all the things they’d REALLY like for Christmas – love this print out making the task a lot less daunting for younger children who do not like writing like Jimmy! (Christmas Pen from The Pensnickety Co.)

8) Window Display!

Decorate the windows with special window stickers and crafts that you cut out yourself to stick along side them. Elvis asked our elves to do this and the children thought it was a fab idea when they woke up to see the kitchen window with a Scandi edge! For the extra decorations the elves have asked the kiddos to craft their own using Design Bundles Paper Cutting Templates. (Window stickers from Stickerscape.)

He’s cheeky that Elvis!

9) Gifting!

Little chocolates to gift relatives in little boxes is just up the elves street and I know they have this one on the cards for later on in the week which the children can offer to cousins along side pictures they have drawn. The most thoughtful presents are ones which have love poured into them (and that come with chocolate of ocurse)!

Chocolates and pictures for family!

10) An act of kindness!

It’s important to remind children that Christmas is about being kind. We are not religious at all but I like the philosophy behind most religions (some are a bit quack of course) which simply teaches to be kind. That’s all I want for my children to be in the long run of things so reminding them during advent to do something kind for another person is only a good thing!

Some ideas for acts of kindness to inspire the little ones!

11) The Christmas Table!

Our elves usually do a North Pole breakfast at some point and this year they’ve told me they shall be bringing an extra bottle of milk for Santa (to leave out on Christmas Eve) and some pens and paper and special card to make our guests around the table a name card each. We have 11 for Christmas Day this year (two household bubbles) so there’s quite a lot to do! (Milk bottle from Phoenix and Bell.)

Help with the Christmas Day prep is ALWAYS welcome!

12) Wrapping!

The children have bought some presents for me and for Daddy and for each other as well as Gram. The elves will bring them some wrapping paper, scissors, tape and the all important wrapping time snacks to make sure they are ahead of the game and have everything ready and wrapped for their giftees. Which I have to say, puts them ahead of me!

Love this idea!

So there we have it. 12 easy ideas for elf-tastic fun this advent courtesy of Design Bundles and Elvis the Elf who has definitely taught our elves not to be so lazy. Would you believe in other years they have sometimes wilfully done absolutely nothing and other times simply forgotten. Not this year with all the inspo they have now! Follow me on Instagram @Rocknrollerbaby to see these activities daily and some other things our elves have been up to. I’ve created a story highlight called Design Bundles for you to see the crafting fun in action.

Sometimes all the activity can get a bit much, even for the cutest of little elves who need naps!