Lollibop Does The Harlem Shake!

There will be news of the first line up announcements for Lollibop very soon! How exciting! But for now, to keep us entertained, while we wait for the biggest children’s festival to come around, the lovely Lollibop team have decided to share their ‘Harlem Shake’ with us!

The Lollibop Festival is absolutely fabulous! I know,we’ve been for the last two years and wild horses wouldn’t keep me away this year! Especially as it’s in the super exciting new venue of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park! Good news for me as it’s just a stroll away from where I live and good news for everyone as it’s such an exciting venue!

Ooooh! Can’t wait to bring you more ‘Lolli’ news and will do so as soon as I have it! Don’t forget, ‘Early Bird’ tickets are on sale on the website now!


I have not been paid to write about Lollibop!