Travel Fun – With Fisher Price!

While we were away last week we found some pretty helpful travel products which assisted us with our trip! It has always been a bug bear of mine that I can’t see Jimmy in his rear facing car seat! It used to annoy me when Florence was little so we got a mirror but somehow we mislaid it for when Jimmy came along and never got round to buying another one! We should have done because I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to unbuckle and lean over from the front to check on him – I’m not the driver of course! I’ve also been meaning to update our blinds and although I generally think people should keep their correct distance whether there’s a baby on board or not, I wouldn’t think it hurts just to remind people of the precious cargo inside so we also put into place a sign! We found these great new travel products from Fisher Price!

Fisher Price Travel 1
Fisher price baby on board sign, pop up and roller blinds and baby mirror!

I really like the roller blinds, they’re easy to use but don’t fit our small windows perfectly and when it’s hot you really do need to do that. I’d say the’d be great on a bigger window but our car is super small! The pop up blinds are actually better for us because even though they’re bigger, they can fit a smaller window too and don’t need the whole circumference to be attached to the window as with the roller blinds. Then they can pop back down into their packet flat and you could use them indoors too – fab! The mirror is an absolutely brilliant product and not only does it give us the chance to see the baby but it’s fun looking with a cheeky monkey to amuse Jimmy too!

But what amuses Florence on a long journey? Well, not much really and although she’s very good, I do feel for her as it’s really boring being in the car! Florence is a great colour in and felt tipper but it’s kind of hard to do in the car. She could spend hours just drawing and sticking stickers in books which would be great to keep her busy for long car journeys but without something suitable to lean on it’s impossible. In step the Fisher Price lap tray. The tray is soft and squishy with a comfy for the knees bottom and it attaches via Velcro loops to the lap belt ensuring it doesn’t go anywhere. Florence uses the tray for her books, colouring in (it has a great net to keep crayons in), food and drinks and then when she doesn’t want it any more she can easy detach it herself!

Fisher Price Travel 2
The Fisher Price Lap Tray!

Our little Corsa is only a three door and we can’t fit much in, especially when we are going away and have lots of bags! Any way of saving space and I’m up for it! Look at this fab travel nappy bag from Fisher Price which holds everything from nappies, cream and wipes as well as providing the changing mat before folding away into a neat little package no wider than a book!

Fisher Price travel 3
The Fisher Price Travel Bag!

I love the fact that the bag even comes complete with a container to keep your wipes in so you don’t have to find extra space for the packet! It’s a hard case which packets of re-fill wipes can replenish when it runs out and it keeps them nice and moist! Love this bag, what a fab idea!

All the Fisher Price travel products can be bought at Argos.