Lollibop Top Tips!

If you are visiting the Lollibop Festival this weekend then we might just be able to help you out with a few hints and tips! We went yesterday and had an absolutely brilliant time but we definitely worked out a few things by the end of the day that we will use when we visit again on Sunday!

Top Top #1: Get your face painted as soon as you arrive and before the queues get big. They do move quickly but its worth getting in there at the beginning of the day then you’re done and don’t have to think about it. We did get our face painted but not until just at the very end as I didn’t want to queue and miss out on other things!

Top Tip #2: Look at the time table and choose three things you absolutely must do and stick to them. For the rest of it my best advice would be to take things as they come and leave your activities to chance. Too much time can be wasted rushing from one area to another trying to stick to a regimented day. Everything is pretty fab so just go with the flow!

Top Tip #3: Chill out near the main stage after the performances. The acts come out and mill about with everyone so you might even get to have your photograph taken with one of the stars! The Go! Go! Go! Show team were out in the crowd and signing autographs for ages!

Top Tip #4: Bit of an obvious one but buy your balloon at the end of the day and not when you first arrive! They are really annoying to have tied on your buggy (as my friend found out) and its breezy so you wouldn’t want it to blow away! They’re very reasonably priced between £3 and £5!

Top Top #5: See Katie ‘I Can Cook’! She’s amazing and full of energy despite being heavily pregnant! She was easily our highlight and her crowds grew bigger and bigger as the day went on!

Top Tip #6: Don’t bother carting around food. The on site catering stalls are inexpensive and plentiful. There’s everything you could think of for choice and my only extra tip would be to eat outside of 12-1 if you can! Queues at this time were, as you would expect, at their height!

Top Tip #7: Visit all the little stalls and pick up freebies along the way! Wow toys are giving away a free toy for each child and there are lots of other little taster nibbles and freebies as you go round!

Top Tip #8: Don’t miss the meet and greets. The characters walk round the  park all day long but if you want to see someone specifically then look at the times and places which will be sign posted along the park!

Top Tip #9: Arrive early at the Lollipalladium for the Peter Pan show! It was awesome but very popular and when we arrived bang on time the tent was already almost full! We have brave little ones who weaved their way to the front where we could still see them standing at the back but if you go early you’ll get a better seat on the floor!

Top Tip #10: Don’t miss out on some of the little things like the disco shed! There’s obviously more starry attractions but so much fun was happening up there and the DJ, who was also hosting games, was superbly retro and funny! Look in on everything that takes your fancy cause there are some little gems!


There’s lots more I could share so if you’d like to know anything specifically then do just give me a shout and if I can answer it I will! Its worth noting also that if you’re driving, parking at Westfield cost us just a fiver for the whole day! Bargain! Luckily my friend was driving as I’d had a glass of something by the end of the day! Did I mention there’s a bar in the adult creche?!

I have not been paid to write this post!