Favourite Childhood Holiday!

When I was five my parents parted ways and my single Mum decided that she would do her very best to always take me on holiday every single year. Despite having little money and nobody to help her financially she always stuck to her guns and I was fortunate enough to have many wonderful trips abroad just me and her. Some of those holidays were utterly amazing but the holidays that stick out as my fondest memories are those that we spent simply camping in on the North Nofolk Coast at a site in Cromer.

Just days after I was born I visited the camp site (which is just what we call it despite it having a name) for the very first time. My Grandparents were holidaying, as they often did there, and my Mum took me from our home in Norwich (not far) to visit them. Throughout my childhood we would pop up to Cromer for a weekend and pitch a tent; then when I turned about ten my Mum did the most fabulous thing in the world (or so it seemed at the time) and bought a caravan! It was a 4 berth Sprite, clapped out and falling apart! I’m surprised it was even road worthy but we must’ve taken it up and down from Norwich umpteen times over the years before we finally called it a day, probably when I was in my mid teens and camping with my Mum was no longer what I sought for fun!

But those years, the years of ‘the caravan’ at ‘the camp site’ were utterly thrilling! I loved it so much that sometimes I would even sleep in it when we were at home! The best bit about my Mum buying the caravan was that she doesn’t even drive! My crazy eccentric Mum purchased our holiday home on wheels when the closest she got to driving was riding her bike! My poor old Grandma was roped into do the driving and had a tow bar fitted on her old Volvo.

Camping trips always started and ended with my Grandma and Grandpa driving us either to or from the camp site. They would help my Mum pitch the awning, have a cuppa and be on their way! Mum and I spent hours playing cards, eating fish and chips, popping coins in the slot machine on the front and wearing ourselves out in the sea air before climbing into our beds which were the table and chairs and sofa transformed for the night. There was even a hammock for the fourth bed which I used to LOVE sleeping in!

‘The campsite’ had a swimming pool which I thought was the height of luxury and Mum would watch me swim for hours while she read a book. I’d make friends with different children and it was bliss! A perfect childhood holiday which was cheap as chips, lots of fun and the lack of glamour went entirely over my head! I still love Cromer and it makes me think of those days, days with my Grandparents and even as a teen, camping trips with my best friend Eve. Cromer is a magical place and it holds some of my favourite childhood memories! I occasionally take the train there when I’m in Norwich visiting my Mum and take my own children. Nothing changes in Cromer and that’s a good thing! A step back in time, a step back into my childhood!

My children and I in Cromer last summer!

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