A Long Week!

Well, we made it through the first whole week of school with only a little drama. Florence has had up and down moments but thankfully more ups and she is already coming on leaps and bounds with her reading which she was already pretty good at from nursery. I’d like to take some credit but really, aside from sitting and listening to her read of an evening, it’s all her! She loves words and has been fascinated by being able to read for as long as I can remember. I’ve started showing her old episodes of ‘Badger Girl’ from ‘Look and Read’ which is what I watched when learning to read myself. It’s not phonics and maybe a little confusing I suppose but we’re enjoying it so will carry on.

She has made new friends, played with old ones and generally had a very good, if exhausting week. There was a little ‘accident’ and after it she was mighty upset to be put in some boys jogging bottoms. I should have made sure she had a spare dress but I only live a stone’s throw so I was a little annoyed the school didn’t phone me as she cried about the ‘boys’ trousers all day. I spoke to ‘Mr Foxy’ about it over a glass of wine at an evening party held at the school for the parents (seriously, they hold wine evenings – knew I chose the right school!) and he was very kind, I guess it’s just one of those things…

As well as learning to read she is also beginning to learn that girls together can be a nightmare at times and has had a couple of tricky moments where she’s felt a little baffled by the power of girls at school. I remember that feeling so vividly and just hope that for her, it will be fleeting and not something which will blight any of her time. Not that it made my life tricky as I can and did (of course) give as good as I got but Florence is a much gentler and kinder girl than I was – in fact, I can hold my hands up and admit there were times in my school days where I was most certainly the mean girl myself.

I have found that with a school run it means I am up, dressed and with make up on before 8.30 in the morning (my Mum, a retired reception class teacher, says this won’t last and I will be at the school gates in my PJ’s before I know it – I think NOT Mum)! My postman keeps giving me odd looks when he delivers in the morning as if he is trying to work out if the bedraggled woman who lives here may have moved and a similar but far more presentable lady has moved in instead. He’s far too polite to chance an ask so I guess he will have to keep wondering!

And Jimmy is basically just missing Florence at school all day which is horrid. I join him, I can’t wait for half term when we can all just get back to our usual routine of fun together. I have never been one for the whole Monday to Friday routine and tried to rebel against it as much as I could for forever but now, with school, I guess I just have to go with it! I took Jimmy out for lunch just him and me and felt guilty because Florence would have really enjoyed it. I can’t seem to lose that feeling but I know I must as he and I had a lovely afternoon.

So, the first Monday to Friday which also saw the return of ballet and Girl’s Brigade. No wonder she was absolutely shattered when she came home for our Friday night treat tea which this week was, as she requested, Princess themed. They both really enjoyed ‘The Princess and The Peas‘ as I named it and it was an excellent way to kick off the weekend which will see my Mum come down to stay (she is looking after both of them all next week while Jonny and I go to a wedding in Marbella) and the first of the fifth birthday parties of our friends.

Princess Party 5

Friday Night Treat Tea was princess themed and well deserved after a long week!

So, I’m off to Spain, as you do, and leaving Florence and Jimmy for three whole nights. I am both anxious because I will miss them and them me and also excited for some sun, sand and, urm, SLEEP!

I’ll be back in time for the end of next week and our Friday night treat tea is going to be ‘Hello Kitty’ themed. See you then!