Lottoland – What Would YOU Do If You Won?!

When I can’t sleep I don’t count sheep. How boring is that? Instead I spend those hours of tossing and turning, trying to get some slumber before the alarm clock goes off (when I will inevitably find I don’t have ANY problems with the old shut eye) working out what I’d do with a lottery win.

First I think about a modest (but still life changing) win, there’s no point in going in too low eh and I dream of paying off the mortgage, buying a big 4×4 and taking the family on a big holiday. Then I move up to something ore substantial where I could change the lives of a few of the people I love the most. I’d buy my Mum a holiday house in Portugal, pay off the mortgages of some friends and buy others, who have struggled to get on the property ladder at all, a brand new house…

And lastly I go in with the big guns and plan what I’d do if I won the equivalent of the US Power Ball (they actually had a ONE BILLION pay out earlier in the year)! And I have a plan for that too should the situation arise. I realise it’s highly unlikely but IF it did, and it’s lovely to think about, then my Mum and I would buy two houses to do up. Sounds a bit dull doesn’t it but wait, there’s more to the plan… We’d then sell one at the going rate and give the other to a desrving family in need. With the proceeds from the first sale we would buy the second pair of houses and continue on and on and on and the lottery win would cover all orts of things to do with it so that we could continue to keep giving away houses to very deserving people…

Of course we’re not completely selfless… We’d definitely buy the 4×4 and holiday home for ourselves too! So I play the lottery, I buy tickets and although I rarely win even just a tenner I think of it as buying a little bit of hope and excitement. I love to find out the numbers and the thought, all the while as you wait, is there at the back of your mind… What if? What if it IS me?! It’s got to be someone after all… My Mum saves up her weekly tickets to keep the prospect of being a winner alive a bit longer and then she checks them in a big lump and then of course, as I’m writing this and we haven’t actually won the lottery (yet) we discuss better options of playing and what might give us better odds. So… The Irish Lottery does offer a better chance of a win apparently and now that Euro Millions has gone up in price that does too and then we start the dreaming all over again…

No I guess because I play the lottery I am a gambler although I wouldn’t say in general this is me… I just like a flutter now and again and even on the odd occasion will bet on things like the Grand National. I may not be about to enter a casino any time soon (I wouldn’t even know where to look or what to do if I did) I definitely enjoy it on a low level like this. And that’s why this weekend I played a Lotto betting game with Lottoland. It was a bit of fun and my friend and I did it together just for a bit of a laugh at home… Basically Lotto betting is making a bet on official lotteries draws — specifically, which lottery balls, or numbers, will be drawn in those draws. You pick the numbers that you think will be drawn and if you guess correctly, you will win prizes — usually in the form of cash. The size of the prize will depend on the number of balls you correctly guess. It’s not the same as buying a ticket but it does work in the same way when it comes to the payout in that if you win, it matches the prizes. And what’s really fun is that you can play those other lotteries from around the workd using their system so as well as the usual Euro Millions that I would play I also got to play the Irish Lottery and that US Power Ball which I remember the cast of ‘Friends’ talking about in ne episode. Obviously it’s not playing those games with the actual lotteres but through Lottoland and it was loads of fun!

Did I win? Well, sadly not this time but it definitely bought some fun, hope and gave me a whole new way of playing… I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a future win, keep using the thought of ‘what I’d do’ to get me to sleep and then one day, maybe just maybe, I’ll be able to start buying those houses for ‘the plan’, whatch this space! Now… What would YOU do if you won one of the BIG draws through Lottoland?

If I won through Lottoland I'd be jumping for joy!
If I won through Lottoland I’d be jumping for joy!

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