Love The Sales For Spring 17!

About a year ago I discovered this amazing way of shopping; I loved it then and my feelings have not changed AT ALL! is a website which basically does all the boring bits of shopping for you so that you are left with only the lovely things that you like – I hate when you go out all prepared to spend a day on the spend but can’t find anything you like and even when you turn to internet shopping it can be a case of ‘where to begin?’ But… With ‘Love The Sales’ you type in everything that you are looking for and they do the rest for you.

So… I personally favour black (with my behind believe me it’s the most flattering colour), midi length and in general skirts or dresses. I know what I like and I like what I know but that doesn’t mean I want exactly the same thing every time and finding EXACTLY what I like can be long and laborious. But… Love The Sales picks up everything, literally EVERYTHING that fits my search criteria and which is ‘on sale’. That’s across the WHOLE market place…

So recently, with the weather getting warmer, I’ve been on the hunt for skirts and dresses. If you search the dress sale using the website and all your details including your size, colour and style preference then you can’t fail to find something you want. This is the same for even accessories and from the high end designer levels right down to more affordable brands you can make your choices without any of the usual shopping hassle.

I’ve just ordered a Jolie Moi skirt and top from the House of Fraser sale using the same service. My skirt, which is pleated and has a lace overlay, is exactly the sort of thing I choose to wear and this one is fabulously heavy giving it an expensive look and feel. It would have been £70 full price but is £35 and in the on-line exclusive section of the shop. LOVE it! I also LOVE the blouse which is perfect for summer being light and floaty. It looks great both tucked in and left out for a more casual look!

Skirt and top both Jolie Moi from the House of Fraser Sale (found using, shoes from Clarks 2016 summer sale, lipstick is my own creation – I made it at a make-up event recently and LOVE it, what do you think?

So… I have a new outfit for summer and hopefully it’s just one of many – I plan on getting a whole new wardrobe for the coming sunny season and hey, I may even break into something less black for once – although I will definitely stick to my dress/skirt ideal for the most part. Check out the Love The Sales dress sale and you won’t be disappointed! I will use the search on the website and see what it brings up for me… Maybe I will have my eye turned? The beauty of on-line shopping of course is that you can try on to your own convenience and in your own environment then if you don’t like something return it (usually for free) using the packaging that it came in. When I ordered this skirt I also tried the same one in a lilac colour, I decided not to keep it, put it back in the House of Fraser bag, sealed it up, stuck the return sticker on and delivered it to my post office. Absolutely nothing more than that!

Now… What else do I need? What don’t I need might be a shorter list!


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  1. I have only recently discovered LoveTheSales what a brilliant site, it’s one that I will be using for sure. You always look amazing Ruth xx

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