B Sensible With Your Bedding!

This is my bed. You would be forgiven by the picture for thinking otherwise. The two jumping beans on my bed are the nightly infiltrators of my place of slumber and by morning, most nights, I have at least one of them in with me…

This is fine by the way, I was the one who started the co-sleeping when they were tiny and far from ‘making a rod for my own back’ as SO many people warned me it would be, I find the experience breathtakingly beautiful. My babies like to cuddle up to me all night long and they actually argue about who gets to go next to me (poor old Daddy doesn’t get argued over in quite the same way) and I know that this is a short lived experience. They won’t want me or need me in quite the same way when they are fifteen so I am loathe to tell them they cannot come in.

So they start in their own beds and by morning everyone has hopped about. This is fine but… The one area I am not so keen on is that if there are any accidents they don’t happen on their own fairly inexpensive mattresses but rather on mine. I have a top layer of memory foam and try as I might, once it has a spill on it that I’ve had to clean, it leaves a big water stain. I’ve spoken to friends and they say the same thing happens to them when they have memory foam on their mattresses, it’s just one of those things I guess.

My mattress is less than a year old and Jimmy, who has wet the bed once on it and had multiple nose bleeds is the cause for several of these stains. The mattress is very easy to get clean and remove anything offensive from but the water mark is REALLY annoying.

So, I bought a waterproof sheet but it was really horrible to the touch and left a crinkly sort of feeling on the skin both to the touch and the ear. It was expensive and it was not good. Better however than getting my mattress more stained so I decided it worth continuing with and then… I was sent something rather lovely to try in its place. Another waterproof sheet but this time from B Sensible Bedding and I have to say, it’s a million times better than the one I bought before.

It comes in really lovely packaging but that’s not the only lovely thing about this range!

These fitted sheets (which can be bought in most bed sizes) of course have a waterproof coating but… And here’s why I like them, they DON’T rustle or feel uncomfortable. They are actually super soft and feel so on the skin. We have them now for the little beds but the best thing is that we have them for our double bed and our king size bed too. So it doesn’t matter which bed the kids hop into in the night our mattresses are protected.

Not just the mattresses either because we also have waterproof pillow cases from the same guys. This is AMAZING when you have a child like mine (Jimmy) who often suffers with nose bleeds! The amount of pillows I’ve thrown away means I’ve never bought expensive ones but now I know I can I have bought some lovely ones which feel SO much nicer. Believe me, decent pillows are a must – take it from someone who has recently made the switch!

Hard to show in a blog post how soft these sheets are but they are absolutely great!

For kids bedding I’d say B-Sensible bedding is a no brainer but I have to tell ya, it’s also gotta be for your own bed too. Well… Unless you have super self sufficient children who don’t need a cuddle in the middle of the night. I love my co-sleeping but it’s jolly nice knowing I can now have that element in life without worrying the mattress will be ruined, or indeed the pillows!

Check out B-Sensible and you’ll see they are also a great price point that I say is well worth investing in. Thanks B-Sensible for sending me some of your products, we LOVE them!