Make Sure You Keep Toasti This Winter!

Make Sure You Keep Toasti This Winter!

OK so we aren’t even on summer weather yet but with energy prices rocketing just before we get to turn the heat down, and forget about it for a few months, it’s prudent to plan in advance how you will cope come the colder season with bills at an all time high!

I’m rather hoping some governmental deals are in the offing to ensure we can all still make ends meet, but pinning my hopes on them entirely won’t cut it so I’m thinking of fall back, fool proof options to ensure I spend as little as possible but can still keep my family toasty warm when we need to be. With keeping toasty in mind, I turn to Toasti, a company who will help you look after your boiler to its best advantage. From the initial installation, to the servicing (something which should definitely be done to keep costs down with a less likely result of anything going wrong when you look after it), and though it might seem like spending money, it’s all speculation for accumulation. An old boiler going entirely wrong or not working efficiently can cost you thousands. So when buying your new one make sure it’s one which is as energy efficient as it can be from the off and then have it serviced!

Toasti are an expert boiling and heating company who specialise in new boiler installations, repairs, and energy services for customers both on and off the grid. They are trusted and experienced Gas safe Registered/Oftec engineers. It’s worth putting the heart of your home with someone who knows what they’re doing. I joke with Jonny that the next time I marry it will be to someone who can do all these handy jobs himself – it’s obviously only a joke, I instead (because divorce is expensive and weddings even more so) pay the best to the jobs I cannot – and neither can he!

Other things we will be doing to save money on the heating and electricity this winter (as well as not getting divorced – ha ha) on top of making sure our boiler is looked after by the best are:

WEARING EXTRA LAYERS – So simple but yet the children would never do this without cajoling. There’s every reason to wear a bigger jumper and not whack the heating up all the time, why waste it? But especially now!

TURNING SWITCHES OFF – Leaving things plugged in like phone chargers can not only damage a phone battery once its full and doesn’t need any more juice, but it xan cost upto £200 a year to do so. Switches, lights, everything is going OFF in out house. Someone needs to make sure my tween gets the memo as she’s the worst culprit for leaving things on!

KEEPING INTERNAL DOORS SHUT – We all have rooms we use less than others so if we keep the doors shut on the ones we use most it keeps the warmth in them – perfect!

USE ENERGY EFFICIENTLY – There are off peak times and on peak so find out when your energy companies are cheapest and set your washing machine to go off then. Also using a slow cooker to make supper in those hours is a way to maximise the cheaper periods.

TURN THE THERMOSTAT DOWN – While we know we are going to need to save on energy, heating, water and electricity being used less, we do have to use some. Using less in general is key and turning the thermostat down a little is one way of doing so comfortably.

TIME YOURSELF – When showering, instead of taking long and languishing showers (instead of baths as showers use less water), give yourself a two minute time frame within which to get in and get out. Who wants to be in there ages anyway?!

If you can think of any other tips then please do let me know, I want to make all the mindful energy choices I can this winter and save money rather than plundering it. Energy prices have risen so exponentially I feel I have no other choice, let alone for it being the best way to live environmentally!