7 Affordable Ways To Add Value To Your Home

7 Affordable Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Are you trying to upgrade your home on a budget? It can be difficult to know whether you’ll get your money back when investing money on home renovations. But sometimes there are minor changes you can make to help with a house sale, without spending lots of cash. Here are seven affordable ways to add value to your home.

Add An Oak Garage

Constructing a full garage can be expensive to build and might cost more than the value it adds to your property. However there are some temporary solutions which can still help you create a garage that might boost the price of your property. Oak framed garage kits allow you to build a garage construction which protects your vehicle. It is a great investment to make in your property. Oak is used to create these garage constructions as it is sturdy, and most importantly easy to put together.

Create A Lean-To

Oak structures can also be used to create a handy lean-to next to your property. Lean-tos are usually wooden, plastic or glass constructions that are built directly next to your property. Conservatories are common lean-tos in the UK, and these do not usually require planning permission to build. If you have an external door, your conservatory can be built out from this, effectively creating another room in your home.

Clean Up Your Garden

Gardens are a huge draw for homeowners, but are even more likely to intrigue a buyer if they can see the potential in your outdoor space. You don’t have to go to town cleaning up your garden, but at least keep it neat when you come to sell your property. Turf is the easiest surface to maintain, so consider turfing your garden or putting down grass seed to pad out any sparse grassy areas. You could also neaten up and de-weed any flower beds. 

Neaten The Front Of Your Home

The front of your home is the first thing that a potential buyer sees when they pull up outside your property. Make your home appear inviting by cleaning the windows, de-weeding or clearing your front drive, and even painting the exterior of your home if you are able to. Clear out any gutters and drains that are visible. This is a simple step but is the first impression that your potential buyer will make before they even enter the property.

Refresh Tired Interiors

Are your interiors a little tired? Whoever buys your home after you will add their own stamp to the place, but whitewashing any older designs might give your home a much-needed refresh. Paint walls white or light colours to brighten up indoor spaces. If you have tired kitchen units, you can even paint these too to make your kitchen look like a new room. Finally, consider recarpeting worn carpet if you do have the budget to renovate tired flooring.

Replace The Doors

Over time, old doors warp, don’t lock or close properly, and can really age a home. Checkatrade estimates that replacing softwood interior doors costs as little as £50 per door. Consider replacing or at least painting interior doors to make the inside of your home seem more modern. If you are struggling to create natural light in certain rooms, use bifold doors which fold in the middle and neatly tuck away when needed to open up spaces. Consider using doors with glass which allows natural light in for rooms that need to be brightened.

Get New Curtains Or Blinds

Curtains and blinds can benefit both the interior and exterior of a home. You can even take curtains with you when you leave the property. But if your blinds are broken or old, then this can make your home look dated. Consider purchasing new curtains and blinds to make your home look brighter and neater. Blackout blinds and curtains are now extremely affordable, and are a great addition to a bedroom.


When you’re moving home, you may have a limited budget to spend on any home renovations. Larger solutions like lean-tos and wooden garages are a quick and affordable way to enhance your property value. Cleaning up outdoor spaces like gardens and front drives will also make a huge impression on your potential buyer. You can considerably upgrade your interiors by painting older wall designs and kitchen cabinets. Installing new doors and blinds will also make your property seem more modern. These simple steps can really make a difference when a potential buyer comes to view your property.