Mam Baby Drinks Cups!

We are ever in search of that perfect sippy cup… I’m not sure if it actually exists? We’ve had some shocking ones in the past, some not too bad ones and occasionally some pretty decent ones really.

The ones we’ve been trying out this week are in the latter category. Are they completely leak proof? Well, not 100% but it has taken a LOT of vigorous shaking to get some drips so in my eyes that’s pretty darn good!

On top of that they have free flow spouts with removable valves to make the flow harder or easier. With the valves in neither is particularly easy to find leakage and the children have both been very happy with them.

Jimmy has been trying the Mam Baby 220ml Trainer Cup with a soft spout and handles (suitable from 6m) and Florence has been using the Mam Baby Sports Cup with a cap which opens by itself and a curved shape with non slip grip for easy holding (suitable from 12m+).

Drinking Bottles Mam

The trainer cup and Sports Cup by Mam Baby!

Jimmy does like to have a cup with a handle and this particular one is good because the handles down’t spin round as I have found them to do on other cups we have used. It’s easy for him to suck from and with the valve in I think very difficult for him to get drips out when he shakes it.

Florence’s cup is much more grown up which she likes and has a sports cap too. I think she might be feeling like she no longer wants to use a sippy cup but didn’t mind using this one at all because it’s not really. I want her to have a cup because frankly I’m sick of spills on the carpet as it is without adding to another source by giving her a proper cup. I think she’s fine using one but with a baby brother around ready to knock things over then a cup with a lid is a far better option for us! This one is great. It’s not QUITE as spill proof as the training cup and when shaken hard drips do come out but it’s pretty good.


Jimmy and Florence have found using their new cups very easy!

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