Manchester For The Weekend?!

I’ve travelled all over the world, been to many cities in a great number of countries however I’m ashamed to say there are still places in the UK I’ve never stepped foot in! I think in my youth I might have had a bit of an arrogant Londoner about me. One who saw the capital and thought it couldn’t be raised but since having children and taking more stay-cations I’ve begun to notice there ARE other cities in Britain and boy do we have some great places to visit right here on home soil!

I went to Manchester for a flying visit a couple of months ago. I was solo and it was for business not pleasure but as my taxi sped though the city I got to briefly see some famous Manchester landmarks. The outside of the Intu Trafford Centre called to me to come in and shop and when I whizzed past the Old Trafford Football ground I realised I wanted to see more of this vibrant city – alas I only had 5 minutes!

My husband has always supported Manchester United but has never even been to a home game, how silly that seems! We need to visit Manchester and take our children too, why not? They would so benefit from seeing somewhere new and it would be easy enough to just book accommodation on line! Hotel Direct have loads of lovely sounding abodes for a family mini break, the MacDonald Manchester, Le Ville Hotel, The Palace… (Cor that one sounds super luxury – perhaps a Mummy and Daddy only mini break instead – or as well!)

Man U

This flying past photo of Old Trafford taken from the back of my taxi is the closest my husband has been to visiting the stadium that is home to his team – and he wasn’t even there! Crazy that he’s never been, it only took two hours to get there from London!

We’ve been on little holidays in the UK before obviously but always to somewhere where there’s a beach. I just don’t know why we haven’t looked at little city breaks until now. UK seaside towns can be a little depressing if you get them in the wrong season but a city is a whole different ball game isn’t it! With somewhere like Manchester we could get there on public transport with minimal travel time to then spend our stay exploring while still being comfortable with shops and restaurants we know! No currency to change up or jabs to have done and cheap rail tickets too. And what would we do when we get there? Well! We’d have an awful lot to choose from I think!

If we did take the children then my first port of call would have to be the Legoland Discovery Centre which includes rides, model building and a special cinema! My son would love it and because age 2 and under go FREE we wouldn’t even have to pay for him! I think my daughter Florence would absolutely LOVE the mini land there too! We took her to the Legoland in Windsor when she was tiny and she was so impressed with the miniature village all made out of Lego that she’d be sure to enjoy the Discovery Centre just as much!










Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester would be something to look forward to as Florence had such a good time at their park in Windsor when she was tiny!

Next up on my weekend with children and I’d choose the Sea Life Centre! If you visit both Legoland Discovery and the Sea Life Centre you can pick up discounted combi tickets so why not?! We love the London Aquarium and both of the ones in Norfolk yet they’re all completely different! The one in Manchester has sea horses (cute), a quiz trail and even a soft play centre! To boot it’s based in the Intu Trafford Centre so lots of guilt free shopping can be taken knowing the children will have a treat after!

London Aquarium











My little boy Jimmy loved the London Aquarium and we think the Manchester Sea Life Centre would be just as much fun!

while at the Intu Trafford Centre it really would be rude not to have a little shop. And this is the part where I start to wonder if a grown up weekend away in Manchester might be just the ticket! Shops, bars, restaurants, a hang out for footballers and the cast of Corrie! There’s even a Selfridges in there which just makes it a home from home really!

And when Mummy and Daddy have shopped till they drop we’d have to go out for a meal. A Ruby on the Curry Mile I think! I keep getting told about this magical mile of Indian food eateries so we’d HAVE to give it a go! Then when Manchester’s spiciest fodder had been enjoyed without anyone crying mid meal (probably, although I can get a bit weepy when tiddly) it would be time to hit the town! We might be old (ish) but faced with a night of Grandparents taking over and we’d be looking a gift horse in the mouth if we didn’t at least do our best to party!

And I think I’ve found the perfect place for us to go! A silent disco! Wait, wait, I’m not being funny! This sounds really cool! If we were actually going away then I would have to choose my birthday weekend which is the second weekend in July. It just so happens that on the 11th and falling on just the right Saturday night, Manchester has not just a silent disco but a RETRO silent disco at Sixxis on Wetworth Street. I love retro music and I LOVE the idea of a silent disco where I can dip in and out of music and watch people getting their groove on to seemingly nothing! Such fun! I took Florence and Jimmy to one for children last year and it was super funny! I’m sure Jonny and I would have a blast at this one for grown ups!


Florence and Jimmy at their silent disco last year!

So here’s hoping for a little luxury, fun and family time in Manchester soon! There really is lots to do and it sounds like a fabulous place to visit. Oh and see the football in too! It’s just a shame Norwich (where we’re originally from) aren’t in the premier league anymore or I could have tried to arrange a trip for my husband’s own personal derby!

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  1. Don’t get so seduced by the big brand names like Lego and sea life and ignore those things special to Manchester. My son can’t wait to go and go on the trams. I want to take mine to the Museum of Science and Industry, there are fab galleries – Manchester Gallery is one. If you like architecture and towers the Imperial War Museum North (it has a viewing platform) and you can walk by the Quays to get there, or Urbis to name two great destinations. Don’t forget China town….and at Christmas there is the German market. I Love Manchester and can’t wait to take my 3 – you’ve reminded me to look for cheap train tickets again….

    1. You’re totally right! I’d love to try out all the little things that make Manchester special! I especially would like to take my little ones on the trams as they’d love it! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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