Newsflash – We Wanna Be A #MarkWarnerMum 2016 Ambassador!



Well you’ve seen the news, we’re on the move,

We’re gonna need a holiday when in our new groove!

A perfect break for us would be sun, sand and sea,

But we’re open to new things and we’d love to learn to ski!

As long as we’re together, that’s the most important part,

A relax, laugh and play – all we need for full hearts!

A family of four but five with our Gram,

That’s every single one of us, our holiday loving fam!

So, pick us Mark Warner,

Your holidays look great,

We’ll do you proud I promise,

In your hands is our fate!

News reports and silly ditties aside, I’ve been asked to describe my ideal holiday, so… I’d have to say lapping waves, sandy beaches and sunshine on tap. I love nothing more than watching my water babies enjoy swimming and feeling the freedom of life without responsibility – what could be better? I adore long bright days which fall into chilled dusky evenings and allowing the breeze to brush my bare shoulders as I enjoy a cool, crisp G&T! I love to read book after book, chat, laugh, play cards and do everything but nothing all at once.

An ideal holiday for me includes the beach!
An ideal holiday for me includes the beach!

I’m a lazy bum, what can I say?!

All that aside, we could be absolutely anywhere for a perfect break. A tent, a caravan or a 5 star hotel. We could be in the UK, the sun or even the snow (and we really would love to learn to ski although I expect the apres ski might be more the ticket for me).


The only really important thing is that the perfect holiday for us is just being together. I know it sounds incredibly cheesy but we’ve been apart from our Daddy for so many months that togetherness in a relaxed environment where everyone is happy is just what we need. We’ve been waiting and waiting to move house and join him while he works in another city and it absolutely hasn’t been fun missing him. Quality time together hasn’t happened even when he’s been able to come home because we’ve been so topsy turvy and now we’re really just looking forward to simply being our little unit again.

A holiday would be the icing on the cake, especially if we could bring my long suffering Mum who has helped us out over the past year immeasurably and as always.

So that’s my entry for the #MarkWarnerMum and #MarkWarnerDad blogging ambassador programme for Mark Warner Holidays – I have chosen the ‘creative writer’ category but I’m a keen photographer and wanna be stylish mamma too so perhaps I could bring a bit more to the role if I’m chosen . We are, like this post, a little bit of fun, a dot of silly and at the end of it all, just us, hoping to be picked!

A grotto trip in lagos is a must, we've done it hundreds of times and the fishermen come in from their early morning catch to take tourists out all day. It's lots of fun!
We do love a family holiday!

This is my entry into the #MarkWarnerMum and #MarkWarnerDad blogging competition to become one of six blogging ambassadors. I have chosen ‘Creative Writer’ for my entry category. Find out more about the blogging competition run by Mark Warner Holidays here.







44 thoughts on “Newsflash – We Wanna Be A #MarkWarnerMum 2016 Ambassador!

  1. Hope you’re all settling in okay. All your talk of blue skies is making me a bit over excited for summer, and possibly a holiday hen do? ??

  2. You are great as usual! Hope you will win. Can’t wait to read about your adventures on holiday:)

  3. Love the blog and the video although I’m not sure it’s a good thing to make me laugh so soon after an operation, my sides hurt as it is ?

  4. Blogger, photographer, mummy AND POET!! Do they have a #MarkWarnerPoetInResidence comp too? Good luck 🙂

  5. So happy to still see this wonderful family, looking forward to new videos, I bet they’ll be all as funny as this one ?

    1. Thanks Debbie, You’re very kind! Yes, all going well but internet not on yet so staying at my Mum’s until it is! How’s K? x

    1. Thanks hon, they were on the front of one of the children’s magazines so I appropriated them! 😉 x

    1. Yes, perhaps my entry isn’t a very good fit? But we enjoyed making the video so I’m glad we did it that way. Unpacking is NOT fun byt thannks for the luck hon! 🙂

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