Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size – Car Seat Review!

Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size – Car Seat Review!

The middle row of my car (which is a Citroen Grand Picasso) is for the children. If we need to take extras (and we often do) then we have two more seats in the boot which can pop up and brilliantly will also safely take a child’s car seat but for the majority of my journeys I want them all side by side and my car was one of the only ones that I liked which would allow three big car seats to Isofix next to each other. And it’s great having them all in a row. Florence sits in the middle and helps with Raffie when he gets upset and the three of them generally get on really well together. The only real problem is the doing up of Jimmy’s seat belt. He just struggles to do it because though there IS the space for him to reach down it’s quite dark in between the seats and he often gets in a muddle which will result in a burst of upset. He can do it and gets very frustrated if anyone tries to help him but this can mean a lengthy process…

However… We have solved the problem with the new Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size which is a typical Maxi-Cosi i-Size car seat (Maxi-Cosi were the first to develop the i-Size) in that it boast the latest and highest safety standards. And the Kore Pro i-Size completes Maxi-Cosi’s range of i-Size car seats and offers the best safety for your child with:

  • Swift and secure installation in the car
  • Meets the latest i-Size safety standards for child car seats, which ensures reinforced side protection, stricter crash testing for even more realistic results and fitting requirements for all i-Size vehicles.
  • Equipped with the Side Protection System Plus (SPS Plus), which consists of glass fibre shock absorbers in the side wings combined with energy absorbing material
The Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size!

It also has softer fabrics made from bamboo which will help to regulate temperatures whatever the weather as well as being able to grow with your child from 100 to 150cm.

I mean I LOVE Maxi-Cosi car seats – Raffie is also in a fab one which rotates and has all the other mums jealous when I slip him easily into it – they really think of everything all set aside from the safety which is of course paramount to them and the little extras like the rotating seat for Raffie is what makes them really special. Now for us, with this Kore Pro i-Size it’s one very simple element which has saved the day when it comes to travelling with my Jim-Bob… And that’s that there is a ClickAssist light that makes the buckle area visible even at night (or when it’s next to another car seat and you’re scabbling around between them to find where to put your seat belt)! Now with three seats in a row it’s not easy to photograph this element on the side it’s used but you can see here that it’s the same both sides and Jimmy is SUPER pleased that he no longer has issues with finding his buckle – thank goodness!

There is a light like this on both sides!
It really helps Jimmy find where he needs to put his buckle!

So… With the Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size and its ClickAssist technology you might think that was all it needed but nope, it gives a little bit more… The seat actually detects when the child is sitting in it and the ClickAssist light automatically illuminates to help get the seat belt in place without anyone having to think about it. Now THAT is clever huh!

He’s pretty happy with it!

Thumbs up once more Maxi-Cosi, ever making car journeys easier for parents with the little thoughtful things and it’s most appreciated!

I was gifted the Maxi-Cosi Kore Pro i-Size car seat.