Summer Holiday Diary – Week Four!

Summer Holiday Diary – Week Four!

Oh how the holidays do race along at break neck speed – I love it and hate it all in one because though it means we are having the best time it also goes in such a flash and I want to hold onto it a bit longer and keep all my babies at home with me. I love nothing more than school holidays when I get to spend all my time with them and the summer is the best because it’s the longest but possibly the hardest wrench when they have to go back!

Still… We have a fortnight left and what a fortnight it’s going to be for we have come to Menorca for the last leg of the break, aren’t we lucky!

But what did we get up to last week?!

Well, we went into Norwich to buy some essentials for holiday and popped into Norwich Cathedral where they have a giant helter skelter in the nave. I kid you not! What fun! We also went to Thrigby Wildlife Park with friends before having dinner (and an impromptu sleepover for Florence) at theirs, swam (of course), saw an open air screening of The Greatest Showman and got ready for our holiday! Whoop whoop!

Menorca is where it’s at for the next two weeks!

The helter skelter in the nave of Norwich Cathedral!
Climbing trees at Thrigby – I wouldn’t say this was my favourite place!
It was small and not really worth the money in my opinion!
But it was of course a lovely time with friends!
As was The Greatest Showman Live which I think Florence and her bestie provided half the entertainment for!
They got a shout out on the big screen!
And it was some great girls only time for us!
It was a VERY early flight!
But we coped – Jimmy loved all the Tui kid’s bits!
And then by lunch time we were on the beach in Santo Tomas!
And by the pool!
With our giant (we didn’t know) beach ball!
But it was a hit!
Then we went back to the beach until supper time! A great start to our holiday and ending to week four of the summer!