May Half Term 2024!

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May Half Term 2024!

Well, half term couldn’t have come quicker this year. A week in hospital for Jimmy threw the term time into one we really wanted to kiss goodbye to, and with a week of exams before the holidays came, it was definitely time for a proper rest.

I wanted to have a mix of all my usual chaos but with some down time because Jimmy really needed that. In fact, so did Florence after working so hard on her exams. And because of the week where I was staying with Jimmy at the hospital, the little two have been unsettled too and some nice easy home time was definitely in order.

So, for half term, with a bank holiday right at the start, we mooched, we did, we rested and we enjoyed. It’s given a taster for summer, despite the dire weather, and I’m all over that!

Here are our best bits!

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