BeWILDerwood – Twiggle Tots!

BeWILDerwood – Twiggle Tots!

Weekdays at BeWILDerwood have never looked more affordable!

If you have a little Twiggle Tot (ages 3 and under) then a special £10.50 price has been set for a tiny one, AND their grown up, to spend a day going wild in the woods!

This offer is valid for weekdays during the whole month of June and if day 1 is anything to go by, is going to be VERY popular!

Posie and I took a trip to long favourite I’m our house BeWILDerwood yesterday and, of course, had a BRILLIANT day soaking up all that’s on offer from BeWILDerwood!

We are long time fans of the park which has both changed exponentially over the last 14 years (since our first visit), but stayed the same all at once?! By that I mean it’s somehow got better and bigger, but the core values of a park which is sympathetic to its surroundings, with an all inclusive bar (which was set way before everyone else made their offerings all under one ticket price) and it’s stayed true to the origins of how BeWILDerwood came about. Owner of the park and author Tom Blofeld writes books about Twiggles who live in the trees, and Boggles who dwell down low in the bogs, with lots of colourful characters supporting them. Mildred the Crocklebog, Hazel the Witch, The Thornyclod Spider and an army of Grubbles (to name a few), provide the invitation to bring the pages of Tom’s story to life, in a magical and beautiful way.

We had membership when the big kids were tiny and, as you know I’m a mega fan of an annual pass (£75 or £65 depending on height and £45 for over 65s) I am considering getting another… It’s just SO good at BeWILDerwood!

Come rain, or shine, the trees protect from the elements and a great day can be had whatever the weather. There’s so much to fill a day and it caters for all ages with baby zip wires and slides running alongside thr big ones. Toddlewood is geared up for the tinies but yesterday, in an environment which was almost exclusively pre-schoolers, Posie mustered the courage to even do the big slides! We also enjoyed crafting, storytelling, a boat ride, the Sky Maze and Tree Top Tangles. There was, unfortunately, no time to fit in den building and we had to prioritise.

We decided it didn’t matter as we will have another special June day out (and then we’ll think about the annual)!

Top BeWILDerwood tips from us:

  • Take wellies if it’s been raining and wear old clothes – BeWILDerwood is for getting grubby!
  • Do the boat ride first on busier days (often the queues are big at the end as people save it for last)!
  • Buy lunch and don’t take a picnic (I rarely say this about anywhere but the food is SO good and inexpensive – mistakenly I thought it would be closed yesterday so took a packed lunch then felt very jealous of everyone with bangers)!
  • Book in advance and if you’ve a special occasion message the Twiggle team who may be able to write a message on the entrance board!
  • Wear long sleeves and trousers (or take them) for the slides!
  • Bring pocket money for the shop – BeWILDerwood is one of the few attractions who don’t insist you walk through the gift shop before leaving, however, they sell some GREAT things which are affordable and worth spending pocket money on. Florence ALWAYS talks about the day she got some magic fairy glitter on the way out!

Thanks for having us BeWILDerwood – as always, we will be back bouncing in the trees with you again soon!


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