Mizzie The Kangaroo!

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Mizzie The Kangaroo!

The Mizzie the Kangaroo range!

Direct from down under Mizzie the Kangaroo has landed and put herself of the British baby map! She is award winning and Australia’s original and natural toy is not just a teether, not just a set off toys and books but an educational tool for babies and toddlers to boot!

Mizzie the Kangaroo may have begun as Aussie’s favourite teether but she has diversified muchly!

Posie and Raffie have been very lucky and sent the range to play with and we have all fallen a little bit in love with Mizzie, who is stocked in John Lewis. She comes in her first guise as a teether toy made from 100% natural rubber and her curves and edges (like John Legend, we love them all) are specially designed to soothe sore gums as well as stimulating baby’s sight, touch (she’s super soft) and sounds (she squeaks)! In fact all the senses are tickled with Mizzie, even smell, as she is made with rubber from the Hevea tree. She also comes as a smaller rubber teether for when baby is really tiny. Posie is only 3 months old but she is already so super dribbly and teething and the baby, baby ring is easy for her to hold!

Little ring for little hands!
Same great Mizzie nose to suck and chew!

When it comes to the toddler range Raffie is very taken with Mizzie’s music box. A Jack in the Box style wind up music pop up to the tune of “Pop Goes the Weasel” – Lots of fun and lots of laughing has evolved Musical Hop Out Mizzie but she is more than meets the eye as the experts who developed her did so to encourage curiosity and discovery, to help discover sensory and spatial awareness, to teach children cause and effect and enrich a love of music all while increasing fine motor skills. We think she’s ace and laugh every time she pops up!

They think Mizzie jumping out of her music box is great fun!
Once she pops up…
Push her down…
And geet ready to shut the lid before beginning again!

Raffie is also a mega puzzler and loves a jigsaw of which Mizzie has a range too. Mizzie hops around Australia in 3 typical Aussie scenes: the outback, in Sydney and at the surf! It’s the beginning of a series so we can expect more of these sets whcib come with 3 puzzles of 4, 6 and 9 pieces to increase with difficulty at each one.

Puzzles of varying sizes!
Raffie enjoys doing them on his own!
The pictures are fun!
And he also loved doing them with a little bit of help!

And Mizzie doesn’t stop there, she also has a book range which is super sweet and lovely and sensory dedicated with lots of touch elements to them. Raffie has been reading them to Posie and copying how I read to him which is very sweet to watch. I love to read to her too and enjoy how engaged she is already with books at just 3 months old!

This one has nursery rhymes to sing!

There are gift packs, a flash card game and ice packs all with Mizzie’s face on them so the range is huge really, I think we can only expect her to grow with every bounce!

The picking up pairs flash card game has been a hit here! Great for learning about Australia, reading and playing!

We were gifted the range of Mizzie toys as part of a collaboration with the brand.

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