Pensthorpe Natural Park And Us!

Pensthorpe Natural Park And Us!

We have some exciting news to announce in our new partnership with one of our favourite day out attraction destinations in Norfolk. One of the very best places to visit, not just for children but people of all ages and somewhere we’ve been visiting regularly as both customers and reviewers for the last decade is Pensthorpe Natural Park and now, for the next 12 months, we are officially in partnership with the park to promote all they have on offer. And boy do they have a lot on offer!

A great family day out!

We’ve always enjoyed our days out at Pensthorpe, in fact, if you search them on my blog you will find over ten years worth of enjoyed visits documented but you will also see just how vastly they have changed over the years, especially when it comes to entertaining children. They were always pretty good but with the introduction of a brand new play park (which isn’t really a name to do it justice) and Hootz House (an indoor play space like no other) as well as extensive glow ups throughout the reserve, it has become on a level with Norfolk days out like at BeWILDerwood or Roarr (both which I consider to be amazing attractions not just for Norfolk but for the whole country), in fact the only real difference when it comes to the thrill seeking level is the entry price which is considerably lower than most places to take a family for the day. £12.95 adult entry prices or £11.95 for children and seniors are what it will set you back for a day’s admission however… This is the REALLY amazing bit, an annual pass for an adult is just £50 giving unlimited access for a whole year and that price is reduced for children and seniors to just £45 making it one of THE most affordable annual passes in the county! Despite visiting many times I had no idea the prices were so inexpensive for annual passes as had I known we’d have become members before! I am going to be buying some as Christmas presents going forwards and not just for us but Grandparents and cousins too.

Come rain…
Or shine, Pensthorpe is worth a trip!

The beauty of Pensthorpe for us is that even though we may take the same route as we walk around the lake and end up doing everything in the same order with the park last, month by month and with the changing of the seasons even within them and their subtleties from beginning to end, Pensthorpe changes and is a different visit each time. The gardens and landscaping are extensive with wild gardens and natural gardens and beauty all around surrounding the lake. Weeping willows currently dangle over the calm and in the sunshine diamonds glisten from the water in the dappled light of the trees. On a warm day the park is bathed in a beautiful glow and, when it rains and is cold (we visited this week on two such very different days within 48 hours) the air is fresh and the fragrance in the air is lush with growth. Soon the bees will be swarming the flowers and summer will be in full swing. I adore that look on Pensthorpe but no more than I am on love with seeing it cold and frosty in the depths of winter.

Like I said…
Two very different weather days in one week!

We adore the walk which can be longer or shorter depending on which route you take with many things to see, do and play on the way around. Bird watching hives punctuate the path as you dive off into secret dens and hidden gems to find them. Bridges to play Pooh sticks, trees to climb and with facts and challenges or benches to sit and ponder a moment, this is a tremendous part of the journey at Pensthorpe suitable for everyone including those hard of walking, wheel chairs or with buggies.

All so accessible!

There is, of course, wildlife to stop and see and Pently of ducks, geese, swans and other water birds to feed. Feeding was stopped a while because of avian flu but little bags are back on sale for £1 and you are invited once again to enjoy this aspect of the day.

Flamino (swimingo if you’re Raffie) island!

Then there is pond dipping from a little jetty and wild meadows, water meadows and plenty more to enjoy alongside visiting the flamingoes. And this is all before you reach the Wild Rootz play area and Hootz House indoor play.

It. Is. Gorgeous!

Trees to climb!
Rivers to play Pooh Sticks in!
Who’s the winner?!
How does the wildlife live?
Fun for all ages!
With much to see and do not just in the play ground…
But on the walk too!
Even the cafe, which you can visit without entering the park, is lovely!

The play area is made from natural materials and sits within its setting beautifully. As you enter chimes can be heard as children stamp the wooden floor beneath them, there is a huge obstacle course, wonderful slides, diggers, a stream… Yes that’s right, a STREAM! Ducks okay here as well as children and you can play all weathers. Summer fun in swim suits with ice cream or wintery done up in a Regatta suit and wellies, either way, either or… It’s all wonderful!

Surrounding the play stream…
Is the most wonderful play equipment!
Swings and zip wires and slides… Oh so much!
The best fun!
There’s sand to dig in and even indoor play which has just opened up again!
And it’s all just gorgeous!

We are so lucky to be able to bring you all the news from Pensthorpe as it arrives. So do come back each month to find out what’s new and see Pensthorpe from the perspectives of everyone in my family – including Gram of course who is also a big fan of Pensthorpe.

For now watch this space for those bees I mentioned. Not only will they be in abundance in the garden visiting the flowers but they will be on the new “Bee Wild” adventure trail happening from the 29th of May to the 6th of June for half term. Little bees (perfect for my little bumblebee and Honeybee) at Pensthorpe, coming up!

Ice cream whatever the weather!

We have been gifted annual passes to Pensthorpe for collaboration over the next 12 months.