Brighten Up With Femme Luxe!

Brighten Up With Femme Luxe!

While the season may be called summer, we are seeing weather which is vey definitely anything but bright and sunny. I am not deterred however and am determined to make summer count if now in the sun kissing my cheeks then in my fashion and I’m ready and waiting to party like we’ve been locked down for the past year – oh… Wait! Well, it’s a good job then that’s all I can say!

I’ve gone for two different colourways with my new top from Femme Luxe and while I’m wearing the Kourt, black ribbed, off the shoulder cropped top here for a sophisticated look in all the same colour…

I’ve gone for the exact same Kourt top but in red for a same, same but different look and to pop a bit of colour into my wardrobe for the summer. See, you don’t need sunshine to make it summer!

I love how both these looks offer something very different and yet the skirt, shoes and jewellery are exactly the same. It just goes to show what colour can afford you when it comes to choosing what to wear!

Same, same…

But different!

I spend so much of my time wearing black, it’s my go to and a bit of a uniform I suppose. It’s where I feel my most comfortable so while I absolutely can’t resist still choosing black for lots of clothing I have been trying to make a real effort to also include colour for my choices when buying new clothing. Even when it comes to stuff to slouch around in at home and I’m prone to opt for my regular black so have instead, more recently, chosen Grey Loungewear or blue to change things up a bit! It’s easy to get stuck in a rut if you don’t make changes, even subtle ones, now and again with your wardrobe. I’m not just trying to be more adventurous when it comes to colour but style too and these two tops, which have a crop (something I’ve never chosen in the past) are a little bit like the Milkmaid Top style Femme Luxe are very good at! Incredible what you can find you like wearing when you’re prepared to take a little leap outside your usual comfort zone. I’m a Mum, I’m not past it, a Body Con Midi Dress and Co Ord Sets are absolutely within my grasp just watch this space!

I’m really enjoying being more comfortable in my own skin these days. More capable of accepting my body just as it is. I recently had a baby so I’m a bit wobbly in places but that’s ok. I take care of myself, I eat everything in moderation, do some daily exercise and though I may not look as awesome as I did when I was 20 I don’t think I look too bad. I say I looked awesome in my twenties but I didn’t know that or appreciate it then so I’ll be darned if I don’t appreciate it now! Something I’m trying to impress upon my daughter who even at 11 is body conscious already – I think that’s just being a girl but my role is to make positive messages about how she looks sink in. I want her to strive to be STRONG not skinny and HEALTHY not overweight. So I encourage her to have treats and enjoy herself but also to be mindful that she needs to stay active to have a healthy mind more than anything. She loves exercise and has recently taken up a bit of running (gosh that’s something I hate so GOOD FOR HER!) and while she does it, she is, as always, fashion concious to boot! Check out her new running in style gear from Femme Luxe, the Nadia Co Ord that she’s thrilled with!


With purpose!

I don’t think either of us are doing too badly when it comes to style right now, all we really need is a bit of actual sunshine to assist us in the wearing!

This post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe.