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The boys in this house have an obsession with blocks and though there are five and a half years between them they play beautifully together when they get the blocks out. We have had a very cheap wooden set for years and they’ve been absolutely fine to assist with the game of “tower build” (sounds self explanatory but really there are many rules to this game they have made up) the boys play frequently. Even Jonny gets involved with a good game of “tower build” and on top of that Raffie generally just enjoys playing with them. So, I didn’t actually really realise that having a better set of blocks, with far more capabilities and invitations to play, was something we needed. Until… I saw the Block Set from LOVEVERY!

A box of blocks or a box of tricks?! Both we have decided, now that we’ve been playing with this set for a few weeks and actually… Much as our old blocks were loved and well used I think they are pretty much redundant now. Again this product from LOVEVERY, like the play gym we reviewed a couple of weeks ago, is something pretty special and within the box the play is endless! Where to begin with trying to explain?!

There is a leaflet which shows you all the many ways to explore and play using the block set. And from turning the box into a wheeled car using the dowels and magnetic wheels before making it a pull along toy in its own right there is simply hours and hours of fun here to expand and capture the attention for many age ranges.

A shape sorter!

Underneath the lid lies another which transforms the whole box into a shape sorter or which can be removed and not used until wanted. The five shapes are inside the box along with all the other blocks and can be used alongside them in many guises.

And this is really just the start for there is so much more to this beautiful toy of many uses. The solid wood blocks feel lovely in the hand and with their bright colours they are pleasing to look at too. There are 70 pieces and over 20 ways to play so the £80 price tag is more than worthy and when you consider that this is very much a toy to love and keep forever then it’s an absolute bargain. Everything fits nicely away inside the box and it is extremely compact too meaning it’s the perfect toy to take away with us when we go on holiday later in the year. We love it, would you like to see more of why?

I think pictures speak louder than words sometimes and you can see for yourself how some of the pieces here are able to turn the box into part of the play. Some of the pieces are magnetic allowing them to be put together by small hands very easily and Raffie was immediately taken with the idea of putting the wheels on the box like this. He had such a great time working out how and then using it to pull and push-a-long!

But there is so much more to the box than simply being used with the wheels or as the box for the shape sorter. It can be incorporated into the play in many ways.

Using it to make a house for the four little people who come inside the set is just one way of creating more fun from the box!
How about making it into a drum?!

Two layers of blocks with different shapes, sizes and abilities within themselves also mean a tremendous amount of play is offered with the blocks too. Threading some of them as well as using them to build towers and houses and farms and anything else the imagination wants is a brilliant way of developing fine motor skills.

Like a two layered box of multicoloured chocolates!

There are so many different shapes and sizes you can build anything you put your heart into. We used them to do some writing too!

And to build those towers we are so fond of!

So many colours and colours within colours, with darker and lighter shades, all mount up to one absolutely terrific set. Raffie and I did some colour sorting yesterday. “Is this green Raffie?” followed by “Is this also green? But is it the same or different?”

With all these ways to play and so many of them undiscovered for us yet, we have this beautiful box to play with over and over again for many games over many years and with a toy that will last forever. Not to mention the fact we can now play the family game of “Tower Build” with far more beautiful to look at and to feel blocks.

Roll them, cou t them, stack them, sort them, even take a selection of them out with you in the draw string bag they come with. Every detail has been thoughtfully put together to make this one of the best toys I have ever seen. Beautiful, practical and a huge amount of fun can be had with this set which is, as with all LOVEVERY toys, ethically made to boot! The sustainably harvested FSC certified wood that makes these solid blocks is painted using water based, non-toxic paint and finishes. Perfect for children ages 18m to 48m and, as Jimmy at age 9 and Jonny at age 43 has proven, well beyond in our opinion!

Family favourite game of Tower Build in motion! Play can be on your own or with multiple players but never against each other, always as a team!

Love this set, love LOVEVERY and love their ethics too. You can’t go wrong with this set which stores away beautifully until the next time you want to play which for Raffie is every single day!

We were gifted the LOVEVERY Blocks Set as part of a collaboration with the brand.