How To Keep Your Kids Entertained For Hours When You’re At Your Wit’s End

How To Keep Your Kids Entertained For Hours When You’re At Your Wit’s End

As a mum, it can be notoriously hard to keep your kids entertained all day, especially during the holidays. But if you know the right moves, it is actually surprisingly easy. Here’s our advice. 

Get Them To Make An Indoor Garden

As an adult, you know all too well how much time gardening can take up. It’s a major time sink most weekends. And, usually, the kids don’t help. 

However, for some reason, children love creating indoor gardens where they can take control of the growing process themselves. 

If you have some large plastic pop bottles lying around, cut them in half and then insert the lid end into the opening to create a receptacle for soil. Grab some compost and some seeds and you’re ready to go!

Get Your Kids Into Making Models

Have you noticed that kids play with expensive plastic toys for a couple of days and then seem to completely forget about them? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a common complaint among parents. 

A better option is to get kids to build their own toys using metal model kits. These are fun because they take hours to complete. And it teaches kids to wait for rewards. Creating something beautiful takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

Making Homemade Candles

Here’s another idea you’ll want to try if you’re not already: making homemade candles. 

The process for this is actually quite strange. Many guides recommend that you start with a bunch of regular kids’ crayons. You then remove the outer casing and put like-colours in a glass jar. You then place the jar in the microwave and wait for the crayons to melt. If you do this with successive colours, you can create beautiful effects through the glass jar. Adding wick allows you to create a candle from your creation. 

Since this idea involves the use of a microwave, though, you’ll need to be there supervising. 

Build A Cardboard House

Kids love to make homes from cardboard. But rarely do they turn a regular box into something that resembles a regular house with a pitched roof and windows. However, going the extra mile can make for a fun project and certainly something you and your children should try at some point. It’s actually much easier than it sounds. And you can take it as far as you like. 

The first part of the process is to create four walls from panels of cardboard and then attach them to a pitched roof, also made of two large sheets of cardboard. To get the roof to work, you’ll need to cut the upper sections of two of the opposite walls into a triangle shape. Once you do that, then you can simply paint the exterior or stick coloured sheets of paper to it with glue. 

Water Balloon Baseball

Lastly, a nice quick idea for a hot summer day is to get your kids to enjoy a spot of water balloon baseball. Fill some balloons with water, tie them in a knot and then use them as regular balls, enjoying the results.