Which Is the Best Bosch Brand Coffee Machine?

Which Is the Best Bosch Brand Coffee Machine?

Bosch is a powerhouse brand in the world of electronics, and in the world of coffee. For those looking for a filter coffee machine, or for those in search of a coffee machine that takes pods, the brand has you covered with a number of different options. On top of that, Bosch manufactures some impressive bean-to-cup models, many of which are designed to be integrated into a professional kitchen or an office.

Whether you need coffee for an army of workers, or you’re looking for a Bosch filter coffee machine to serve a few coffees after you’ve had your evening meal, or to get you going in the morning, this brand has an impressive selection. On top of that, you’re investing in a brand with decades of experience in the coffee industry and some extremely reliable coffee products. In this guide, we explore the best coffee machines they’ve got to offer.

Bosch “Styline TKA8A681”

The Bosch Styline range offers relatively simple functionality to create beautifully brewed coffee every time. The Bosch filter coffee machine has a capacity to make up to 12 cups of coffee.

All you need is water and ground coffee. You can then press the coffee maker button to brew enough coffee for all of your guests. The Bosch model comes with a thermos container and it keeps the coffee extremely hot. This also has the ability to keep an aromatic flavour in your coffee.

Because of the large capacity, it is great for using at home among a group of coffee lovers, or just to fill at partial capacity to make coffee for you and your partner.

Screenshot from CoffeeFriend.co.uk

Coffee machine Bosch “CTL636ES6”

The Coffee machine Bosch “CTL636ES6” is probably not the sort of model you’re going to have in your home. However, it is a suitable option for use in offices or professional kitchens. This opens up a world of coffee making possibilities!

This coffee machine is designed to be integrated into a countertop. It requires a lot of space, but this also allows it to create a wide range of different drinks. You can store 8 different personal recipes within.

The machine has a SmartConnect app that allows you to use the coffee maker via your phone. This can provide you with an additional 17 recipes, so you can enjoy virtually any coffee imaginable, including barista-style coffees.

It has a 19-bar pressure to make thick coffee drinks that taste like they’ve been fully made by a barista. The coffee is always aromatic and delicious.

There’s an included grinder which is surprisingly quiet, especially when the Bosch is mounted. There’s also a self-cleaning milk system so you can simply insert the tube into your milk container and not have to worry about it.

If you are running a commercial kitchen within a restaurant or you want to start offering coffee within another business, you may want to invest in a professional and sizeable bean-to-cup machine like this. Insert a supply of water and coffee, add milk and you can access virtually any coffee drink you can think of.

Filter coffee maker Bosch “ComfortLine TKA6A041”

The Comfortline range of coffee machines gives you an excellent choice if you are on a limited budget and looking for a great way to brew coffee at home. It may not be an option for creating huge volumes of coffee within a business setting, but it is great for your kitchen at home. The fact that it is so affordable makes it really popular for home use.

Screenshot from CoffeeFriend.co.uk

It’s another Bosch filter coffee machine, so while it doesn’t offer barista-style drinks like latte, it gives you a beautiful and consistent coffee every time. You can make 10 or more cups of coffee in one brew.

There is a clever “Aroma +” function. This brews and extracts more slowly to give the coffee a really intense taste and smell. As well as an easy-to-open coffee filter holder means it isn’t awkward to change your coffee filter.

The water tank is also removable and easy to refill. Plus, the “EasyDescale3” function allows you to protect the coffee maker from limescale. This means it should last a lot longer! When it needs to run through the descaling function, the coffee machine will give you an alert, too.

For the money, it’s hard to find coffee makers with such an impressive range of features. It’s cheaper than many other Bosch machines which makes it very popular, but it still creates beautiful aromatic coffee. As long as you don’t want barista-style drinks from the machine, this will have all the functionality you need.


Bosch coffee machines sit in offices and kitchens all over the country. They’re exceptionally good for creating filter coffee, and the focus on flavours means that you can create amazing, aromatic coffee every time. If you need a larger solution, their bean-to-cup machines are another viable solution, especially for businesses and commercial kitchens.