Mobiliser From Back In Action – A Powerful Spinal Joint Mobilisation System!

I have been suffering with a bad knee for about a year and a half now. It’s sometimes better than others but a lot of the time is excruciatingly painful. I really don’t use the word ‘excruciating’ lightly and please remember when I do, that I have given birth without the use of drugs. Twice. And it was a walk in the park… Painful yes but totally manageable. Sometimes I feel that my knee pain really isn’t.

It started siezing up when I was driving and I’d be half way down the motorway in tears because I couldn’t straighten it out and then eventually, when I would find a place to stop, it would take me ages to actually be able to stand up and move about because it was stiff. I went to the Doctor feeling like a bit of an old lady and…

He sent me for an MRI scan and because of where I lived in East London at the time and the resources given there, came through very quickly. The MRI showed signs of deterioration to the cartilage and I was told perhaps an operation and perhaps some physio. No one really seemed to know what would be best. I was then sent to the specialist athlete clinic in the Olympic Park (which made me feel a bit silly as I am in no way an athlete) and there I was given extensive X-Rays. These showed that my knee cap is misaligned and more deterioration of the cartilage. I spoke to the consultant at length and she asked me if I had, probably about 20 years ago, excessively dieted while doing lots of exercise. She said what I had was basically known as ‘jumpers knee’ and a poor diet while using it too much would have almost certainly contributed.

Well, around that time I was at dance and drama school. Not eating a thing and dancing for around 4 hours a day so it all added up. I am trying not to spend too much time dwelling on why I did that and going over it in my head becauseI really can’t change what happened in the past but my focus now is how to heal.

I was told at some point in the future I would need to have the operation but for now would be given physiotherapy which may or may not help. I was referred to Homerton Hospital and there given some exercises but the appointments were rushed and I don’t feel like I got much from them and then shortly after this I moved to Norfolk where the transfer of care still has not happened. All the while my knee isn’t really getting any better.

And then I met David from the shop Back In Action which is based in Marylebone selling products designed primarily to assist positively with back pain. David told me about their product the Mobiliser which is a folding mat designed to massage and effectively beat back pain in the comfort of your own home. Loads of famous sporting faces swear by it, it’s used by NATO and the MOD and users absolutely swear by it. David gave me a trial of the Mobiliser in the shop and told me that it could potentially help my knee as well because it works from the head down, aligning my spine and body and that perhaps a more traditional way of healing is not necessarily the answer… It certainly felt very good in the shop and I wanted to try this more. It’s that or paying for a private physio and seeing as I didn’t seem to get much from the physio in London what would I have to lose by doing this instead?

The Back In Action shop on George Street, Marylebone!
The Back In Action shop on George Street, Marylebone!

Now the Mobi is quite pricey to buy but costs £199 to hire by the month and from time to time there are offers such as 4 months for the price of three. I think a 4 month trial will give me a pretty excellent idea as to if this will work for me and my Mum, who also suffers with her knees as well as her back will be able to use it too. And… BAck In Action will keep in contact with me the whole time I am using it, I will have my own personal consultancy diary where I can ask questions and record how I am feeling. I will keep the diary and it will record my progress and I shall use it twice a day every day for a short while to begin with.

I am hopeful after the initial trial in the shop and knowing that it can perform the job of a therapist I look forward to seeing how this works for me. If the Ministry of Defence use it then there’s got to be something in it huh and as David has made this shop his life’s work, having been in an accident and injuring his own back then wanting to heal himself, I can see their passion is real and not over egged.

My Mobiliser has just arrived and I wanted to tell you all about it right now because I’m excited but I’m going to keep you all informed of my progress so watch this space.

It's just been delivered and soon I will deliver the results!
It’s just been delivered and soon I will deliver the results!

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