Money Pinch!

Money Pinch!

Working freelance like I do is all a bit precarious at times, especially come the end of the financial year when client budgets are spent and tumbleweed rolls around the inbox… Talking to friends of mine in a similar boat I know they all feel the pinch too – it’s a game of breath holding and hopefully, come spring, things will pick up. On the one hand it’s great working for yourself while being your own boss for so many reasons but there’s never that absolute financial security that comes with being on someone else’s payroll. I suppose it’s a bit like the difference between renting and owning a property. Totally lush when in rented and the boiler breaks because it’s not your responsibility to fix it but at the end of the day, your own front door feels so much more satisfying, EVEN if the leaking roof falls straight into your own pocket!

So we just have to make it work and juggle some balls from time to time and thankfully it usually does work out in the wash but I do worry about money occasionally because we DO own our own home, and run a car, and have gym memberships, and mobile phone bills… Things which come out of our account regularly whether we’ve earned the money that month or not.

And the way thinking about money (or a lack of it) makes me feel is like a tightening of the throat. I literally can’t do numbers and the mere thought of adding up the readies makes me want to cry. I have to pay my accountant (and dear friend) to do my finances for me because it stresses me out SO much – I’m not just talking about the business accounts but my own self assessment that everyone else seems to brush off as easy peasy totally gets me in a tizzy and what I’d do without my friend I don’t know! IF I was ever to be in a case of debt I can’t imagine how terrifyingly overwhelming that would be for me and while I think we personally will be ok for another end of the financial tax year, if we did ever get into debt it’s good to know that Creditfix can help, they’ve had a commitment to helping people with debt problems for over 70 years!

We all need our hand holding from time to time and with even just the mere thought of financial issues making me reach out a paw for a squeeze, it’s good to know there’s help out there when I need it! I got the dreaded email this week telling me it’s time to sort out my receipts ready for my lovely accountant to file my return again – how does this time of the year roll around so quickly huh? On the bright side it does also mean that it will soon be spring and my client’s budgets will replenish hopefully bringing in the work again! Money worry is never off the table but managing how we look after ourselves and choosing who holds our hand when issues around the purse strings arise is key to keeping the breathing easy!

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