9 Family Friendly Places to Travel to on Your Next Holiday

9 Family Friendly Places to Travel to on Your Next Holiday

As the winter months finally start to draw to a close and summer doesn’t seem quite so far away, you might be starting to think about where to go on your next family holiday. If you’re looking to try something different, it can be difficult to decide on a new destination that will be child friendly and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which is why many families end up visiting the same places year after year. If you would like to broaden your horizons, and treat your family to something a little different this year, then here is a list of nine different places around the world that might be just what you are looking for on your next big family holiday.

We look for sunshine and beaches with plenty to do for the kids!

Lanzarote, Spain

With short flights, a comfortable climate and gorgeous landscapes, Lanzarote Holidays have got to be at the top of the list of family friendly holiday destinations. Don’t let the size fool you, there is so much to see and do on this small Canary Island, from water sports such as scuba diving and windsurfing, to visiting the volcano at the Timanfaya National Park. This is a holiday destination that is great value for money, and that is bound to make the whole family happy, whether you have teenagers who just want to lie on the warm sands under the sun, or younger kids who love to seek out adventure. There are even a number of spa and relaxation facilities across the island which would be perfect for the parent who is looking to unwind.

I worked in the Canaries when I was 18 for a summer and LOVED it! The climate is amazing all year round and it’s a short flight to any of the islands which is perfect for families!

Kerala, India

You might be a little apprehensive about travelling to somewhere as exotic as India with your whole family in tow, but this beautiful country has a lot to offer everyone who makes the journey. Kerala is home to some beautiful and peaceful hotels and restaurants, and has a more laid back atmosphere than some other parts of India, perfect for the family that is looking to take it slow and spend some time relaxing. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of activities for those members of the family who like a little adventure, from exploring the national parks, to visiting elephant sanctuaries and going rafting, there is something for everyone.

Bulgaria, Balkan Peninsula

While it might not be the first place that springs to mind, Bulgaria is the unsung hero of family friendly holidays, and has been enjoyed in secret by holiday goers for years now! It is a budget friendly country to visit, with beautiful golden sands and stunningly crisp, clean seas. There are plenty of places to take day trips to explore more of Bulgaria’s history, or you can simply check into a kids friendly hotel and let them run wild with all of the entertainment facilities and water-based activities.

Cancun, Mexico

Depending on who you speak to, you will get a lot of mixed reviews about Mexico. Mexico’s Caribbean Coast has everything from a wonderfully warm tropical climate, to adrenaline fuelled activities and gorgeous sandy beaches. This destination is perfect for the family that likes to do it all, and who isn’t afraid to zip-line from great heights or try the fastest slides at the water park. If you’re looking for fun-filled adventure for the whole family, Cancun is the place for you.

Majorca, Spain

Majorca is a timeless favourite for family holidays, so if you haven’t visited this Balearic Island you are certainly missing out! From the short flights and easy transfers, to the family friendly hotels, beautiful towns and stunning beaches, Majorca has everything you could possible dream of for a family friendly destination.

We love Majorca!

Orlando, Florida

This one might seem like an obvious choice, but sometimes it’s good to point out the obvious! If you have never visited Disneyland with your children, it is definitely something to consider. There is something about the magic of meeting their fairy-tale heroes that lights up children’s hearts like nothing else would! Of course, Disneyland isn’t the only thing to discover in Orlando, from riding on the Orlando Eye, to playing the best game of Mini-Golf at Pirate’s cove, you’ll find that Orlando is filled with uncountable family friendly adventures just waiting to be explored.

Lanarca, Cyprus

Cyprus is the perfect mix of modern amenities, and traditional splendour. You can relax and have fun within the big beach resorts and water parks within the Lanarca region, as well as getting to enjoy the more traditional harbour towns and finding out more about the ancient Greek history by exploring the temples in nearby Pathos. Cyprus is a well-known family friendly destination, made even more popular by the affordable nature of this little island. If you’re looking for that easy going holiday with minimal stress and hardly any planning needed, this would be the ideal location for you.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is supposedly one of the most contented countries in the world, with the Danish people reporting to be happier in their country than almost any other, and it is no surprise as to why. Denmark holds the very beauty which Europe is renowned for, with it’s colourful river-front buildings, and laid-back way of life. There is something for everyone in Denmark, including the oldest amusement park in Europe, which is housed in the capital of Copenhagen.

Vienna, Austria

While it might not be the place to go if you’re looking for an adrenaline fuelled holiday, if you are hoping to find a city where you can immerse your family in some positive energy, then look no further than Vienna, Austria. This city houses some of the most beautiful architectures imaginable, as well as gorgeous parks and estates where you can spend your afternoons lying back under the sun enjoying some quality family time. Here you can wander through museums and art galleries, peruse pubs and playgrounds, and the coffee shop lifestyle in this quaint city is perfect for the family in search of that wholesome, community atmosphere.

Now with all that holiday inspo I’m going to have to book something but first I will plan fun things to do this weekend – always got to have something to look forward to!

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