Move House With Ease!

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Move House With Ease!

Not for the faint hearted, most of us can be found saying straight after a house move, “never again!” and with very good reason! They say moving house is one of the most stressful things a person can do, alongside births, marriages and deaths so no wonder we all prefer to put down roots and stay as long as possible!

For moving house, isn’t just moving house is it! There’s the getting your current home fit to be viewed, the cleaning, the finding a new place to live that meets all your criteria, the cleaning some more, packing, cleaning again and then once in, doing everything the other way around. Including cleaning!

We moved as a family from London to Norfolk a few years ago and though at the time it felt like I might explode with frustrations (I forgot to add annoying estate agents to the list of stresses but they need to be up there) and panic at the logistics, I look back now knowing that we did it at the right time and that we employed the right people!

And you do have to employ the right team to assist you for sure, House Removals London side are in a saturated market and not all of them live up to what you’d expect but we were so lucky when we look back and know that we had some Top-Rated London Removals come and move us from city to countryside with ease!

Would I want to go back and do it all over again?! Well, you might be stretching it there but I look back very fondly on the type of removals company we employed. They were reliable, on time and most importantly, super careful with all of our things, Our entire lives filled to the brim in a van, headed for a new life in the country and we were off, with ease. Just as you’d want it to be!

We wouldn’t go back now, not in a million. Though I’d be devastated to be leaving our old home, our new one is heaps better but… I’m beginning to think about doing it all again and moving somewhere even more suited to us now that we are a family of 6, rather than 4 for we have grown by another two children since moving here! So there you go, moving house can’t have been that bad, or stressful, after all!


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