Mr Postman Look And See, Do You Have A Baker Days Cake For Me?

As an adult living in the age of technology that we do I find the post I receive is pretty darn boring at best and plain annoyingly bill like at worst! The majority of my exciting news comes to me via email and although on the one hand it’s lovely to get updates and important information at the touch of a button, there is something a little lost about the personal touch of opening  a letter. Much like the art of a bad photograph being taken away forever by digital instant pictures (I kinda miss seeing the bad ones once they’ve been printed), that physical act of sending someone something through the post just doesn’t happen enough these days!

As a child I used to love the postman arriving and would always hope he had something for me. I haven’t lost that excitement despite mostly being sent ‘boring adult post’ these days and when something out of the ordinary does land on my mat I’m always pleased! Last week I had one of those days when something exciting DID come through the door and with a thump on the mat I heard the postman deliver a little package with my name on it! What could this be??


I knew I was being sent a Baker Days Letterbox cake for review but I kind of just presumed it wouldn’t really go through the letterbox… I mean it’s a cake! Surely it would break?? But when I opened up my little box what did I find??


One perfectly in tact cake!

I think the packaging is brilliant but I still don’t really understand how it didn’t break? However it didn’t so that’s all I really need to know!! Inside a box the cake is in a gorgeous cream tin with the words ‘Just for you’ on it. My cake (which I had designed for Jonny with his name on it) also came with a gift tag and a packet of love hearts which was a nice touch. The cake is then inside a bag (in the tin) so that it keeps fresh – what a clever idea! On the back it has all the details like the ingredients and use by date.


I chose my cake from their extensive Valentines collection but Baker Days also do cakes for birthdays, engagements, christenings and all special occasions! This is what a letterbox day cake is all about – a special occasion! I know a few bloggers have been reviewing the service just as I am doing and have taken issue with the price saying they think it’s a bit expensive but I have to say I tend to think not. My basic letterbox cake, the ‘Love Birds’ design, is £14.99 and then I opted to make it carrot cake for £1.20 more. Ok, so for a bog standard cake of this size it may be a bit pricey but this is not a bog standard cake and it represents something far more special than that. If you just send someone a card these days it can cost around a fiver and this is something far more interesting, far more exciting but because you can personalise your cake it sends the same message. I have to say, I love the idea and now that my cake has arrived and I’ve seen it I think it most certainly is worth the money. It’s also far cheaper than sending flowers! What a totally different and unique thing to do!

Florence was very excited when she saw it too and wanted to tuck in straight away ‘I think Daddy would like to share his cake with me’ she said ‘let’s have a slice now’! Tempting because it did look yummy but we were good and waited for the boy with his name on it to come home and sample it with us!


He loved the idea too and we couldn’t wait to tuck in!

The carrot cake was moist and extremely yummy! Let’s just say we didn’t waste any time… It may be small but we each had a slice and then Jonny had another one and there was still a big portion left. Just as promised on the website it provides 4-5 portions! I guess I wasnt really expecting the cake to taste that good and thought it would be more of a gimmick thing, you know, paying for the novelty rather than the actual quality but happily it surprised me!


The cake is fairly thin, it does have to go through the letterbox after all but it provided us all with a nice treat and it simply can’t be faulted on flavour! If you’d like a bigger cake they do offer different sizes to choose from, they can even make personalised cup cakes! I was really quite impressed with how good the cake looked, the colours and icing were exactly as the website picture I chose from showed. For me and my experience, I have to say I’m totally a fan now!


I’d definitely buy Baker Days Letterbox cakes again in the future! For a special treat I think it’s just a lovely idea and for someone who you don’t know what to buy but you do want to do something a bit more special than just a card it’s the perfect solution! Florence would be utterly thrilled with one and they can even put your picture on the cake which I think she’d adore!

Send something really exciting to the one you love this Valentines Day, imagine if you got home from work to find a cake on your door mat… I can’t think many would be displeased whit that, can you??!!

I did not receive payment for this review but I was sent a cake to try in order to write it. I have not been told what to write and the opinions I have given are entirely my own.