Mummy Adventure’s Top 5 Buggies – Guest Post!

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a bit buggy mad and always have been. I wrote a whole post recently about why I love buggies so much and how my obsession started at a very early age. It seems I’m not the only! A lovely blogger and friend of mine, Mummy Adventure, has written a superb guest post for me all about her passion for buggies and the ones she likes best! Great to see the Bugaboo Donkey made her top 5 as it’s obviously one of my favourites too! Hope you enjoy her post as much as I have done and thanks to Becky for writing it for me.

Pushchairs are a passion of mine.  This may sound odd to a parent, let alone someone without children but it is true.  I love the designs, the variety, the colours and as I don’t get to go out and wear all my pretty shoes now I have two littles at home, my obsession had to be transferred onto something!  In the course of my children’s lives (and the eldest only turned two this month), we have had over 35 buggies and there are so many more I still want to try.

We have had pushchairs, strollers, buggies and doubles, each offering something unique and perfect for different purposes.  I thought I would share some of my favourites although buggies are a very personal decision and it is worth going somewhere like Kiddicare to test them all out yourselves.

The Bugaboo Donkey – This really is the crem de la crem of doubles.  It works as both a single or double and is one of the only side by side buggies on the market with the option of parent facing.  My two year old has pretty incredible speech and I credit this in part to the fact he is still parent facing if the pushchair allows it.  We chat as we walk and somehow he doesn’t tire of facing me.  The Donkey has a great and easily accessible basket, individual hoods and raincovers and so many beautiful varieties that you can never get bored.  The price tag is pretty hefty but well worth it if you have the pennies.
bugaboo nappers
The Jane Trider – Not a pushchair I have seen many of in the UK, I love how high up the child sits in this and it is nice having them closer to you as you stroll.  It is shaped slightly different to most buggies but I have found the basket deceptively large and the seat unit is soft, supportive and can be parent or world facing.  As a three wheeler it is light to push, easy to get up curbs and has great adjustable handlebars.  I haven’t yet tried it with the carrycot or carseat but the seat unit lies flat and my boys both enjoy the ride.
2013-08-16 14.50.12
The Cosatto Swift Lite – We bought this stroller over 18 months ago and it is still a firm favourite.  Coming complete with newborn headhugger, footmuff and raincover, this has so much personality and is so lovely to push that it is the perfect stroller for my very own ‘little monster’.  I am a big fan of Cosatto’s style and love my pushchair to stand out.  I don’t personally use strollers for newborns although this is suitable but they come into their own once you have a toddler and we found this great for taking on holiday too.
autumn post
The Kiddy Click’n’ move – We have the full she-bang for this one, carseat, carrycot and pushchair seat and I love the innovation.  A pushchair that will be a big hit with the dads too, the carseat can be made to lie flat when it is attached to the buggy and the parasol can slot straight in.  The rain cover is also a mosquito cover and pops out so is very easy to store.  The carrycot is spacious and comfortable and the seat unit has a raincover-cum-footmuff that comes out of a zip on the bumper bar.  This travel system can be world or parent facing and certainly stands out as again it is not that common in the UK despite it being a great looking and alround brilliant pushchair.
kiddy clicknmove4
The Britax Bob SE – This is a beast of a buggy for everyday use but perfect for bigger children or if you fancy a challenge.  With the front wheel locked this buggy is perfect for running and can tackle any terrain with ease. What I really love though, is when my youngest gets hungry, I can comfortably fit in the buggy myself as I breasfeed! This pushchair makes my 16kg toddler look tiddly and the bicycle style wheels and amazing suspension make it incredibly light to push and steer. I wouldn’t have this as my main pushchair as it is rather on the large side but for its purpose it is amazing.
2013-08-22 19.39.31
So there are my top 5 picks at the moment, although narrowing it down to 5 was quite a challenge!