Munchkin Splashing Fun!

From very early on I established a bath after supper and before bed routine for Florence. It is, I hasten to add, the only routine I have ever put in place and continued with and Jimmy has just followed suit. I’m just not the kind of Mum who does routines in general I guess but we do usually stick to this one and it works. It helps them relax and unwind while having a splashing good time before getting in their jammies and going to bed. Ok, so the bed part might not come for hours, especially if like yesterday they’ve had long sleeps in the car during the day (Florence has ten minutes and it will give her about 2 more hours worth of power) – she was up till 10pm last night, but even knowing actual bed time might be far away, I still run them the bath for after they’ve eaten.

We like to take our time over it and really enjoy it and it has always been something that in our house is Daddy’s time with them. Most of the time they still go in the baby bath – together – they’re both quite dinky and this saves on water, but for a real treat we run the big bath for them and they can pretend to go swimming! Actually our bath is really big so they almost CAN go swimming! Toys are always a really big part of their time in the tub and we have lots of nice ones but every so often we like to change and have something new. Florence has a baby dolly who goes in the bath and they love cups, bubbles, bath crayons, light up bath toys and more… I’m always on the look out for something extra special.

Florence has relatively recently got into spelling. As well as play reading and writing she likes to play ‘I Spy’ and is very good at it too! She pronounces the letters well and knows what letters words start with so it’s a great game for her but she doesn’t yet know what letters look like. I mean, she knows what general letters look like but she hasn’t really been able to tell one from the other yet although it’s coming. I want to encourage reading for her and learning to spell and I want to do it in fun ways, she is only three after all! With her new-found skills and desire to learn coupled with her love of bath time the Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers are an ideal choice for us!

The set contains one of every letter of the alphabet and ten numbers between 0 and 9. They stick to the bath when wet and are made from soft yet durable and non toxic foam. Last night I ran the pair of them a BIG bath and wrote their names on the side (using a bit of artistic licence as needed more than one of some letters)!

I had great fun arranging the letters!

The little ones thought it was going to be great fun!

And it was!


Florence enjoyed spelling and playing while Jimmy just liked touching and splashing with them and I like the fact that after the bath they didn’t require any drying and just were dry immediately and ready to be popped in our bath storage box which might have to gain a friend soon due to our growing collection of exciting bath toys like these! I like the look of the Munchkin Bath Scoop, it sticks on the wall in a similar way to one we have already and it can be used to scoop the toys up at the end of the bath too!

The letters and numbers are just another in a long line of Munchkin bath toys that we enjoy playing with. The Star Fountain is one of my favourites and my Mum bought the heat sensor Grippy Dots for her bath when we stay and I love the fact one of them tells you if the water is too hot! A great one for babies Jimmy’s age is the Baby Bath Ball which has a small ball toy inside it to rattle around. This can be played with in the bath where it floats or just regularly as it can be rolled along the floor. We think it’s great in the bath as the water can be strained through it which is great fun! Small enough, soft enough and easy enough for little hands to grip and tiny teeth to chew! We think it’s great!

The Munchkin Baby Bath ball!

I have not been paid for this post but I was sent the bath letter, numbers and ball from Munchkin for the purpose of this review.