Must-Have Items for Your Baby Nursery

Must-Have Items for Your Baby Nursery

As all parents do, they tend to get over-excited with the news that they are expecting a baby, which leads them to start shopping for all of the items they need and don’t need, to add to the nursery. However, there is an overwhelming number of options in the market, and most of the time you won’t know which ones are worth it or which ones you actually need. Each person has preferences that they shop according to, but some must-have items should be your priority. In case you don’t have enough cash for all of the items, we are going to provide you with a list that includes the necessary baby items you need.


A baby’s bed is the most essential item because it’s the focal spot of the nursery. You can either choose a relatively big crib or a small bassinet, but make sure that it is comfortable and made of quality materials. You should never buy the drop-side crib because they don’t provide enough support for the babies to stay secured in place.


You may keep fretting over whether your child is warm at night or feeling a little cold. Well, the bedding you choose will control the temperature and make sure that your baby won’t catch a cold. The bedding will also act as a decorative item as there are a variety of shapes and colors. For instance, you can get sheets, pillows, and blankets with cartoon drawings or paintings of the sky or sea. You should pick the best size for your baby to ensure that every part of the body is covered.


Babies’ arm and leg muscles get tense just like adults when they sleep in the wrong position or on an uncomfortable mattress. That’s why you need to invest in a high-quality baby mattress without hesitating. If you want to know whether to choose a foam or waterproof mattress, click here for more information about the difference between them according to function and price. Because a baby may wet the bed or vomit late at night, you will accordingly be the one dealing with washing the sheets, bed, mattress, and crib, which is a hassle. This is why waterproof mattresses and sheets may save you the trouble of this cleaning process. All you will have to do is replace the sheet, and the crib will be good as new.

Changing Table

One of the worst nightmares for parents is changing dirty diapers and the mess that follows. At first, it will be hard to change them, let alone clean up the aftermath. That’s why you will need an organized changing table as your baby station to have a place to put your baby on, clean them well, and dispose of the dirty diapers. They also come with drawers and shelves to put the clean diapers, moisturizers, wipes, and ointments. You need to make sure that the table has a soft pad for your little one’s head to rest on.


We know that a baby won’t need much space for the clothes and won’t care if a dresser is included in the nursery. However, it will make your life easier as you will be changing diapers and clothing for your infant at least a couple of times per day because you cannot control their involuntary actions. That’s why you need an organized area where all of the socks, onesies, shirts, and pants are folded over each other.

Nursing Supplies

You will need a place to feed your infant comfortably without feeling like your back and arms are going to fall off. The best chair is a rocking one with a back, shoulder, and arm support to sit in the right posture while swaying with your baby. It will also help the little one fall asleep easily after being fed. You can also get a recliner chair as it will do the trick and will be used for other purposes as well.

A nursing pillow is not less important than a chair as the newborn’s head needs to be supported to avoid indigestion which leads to gas. It is dangerous to try to prop the baby’s head without a pillow because this may result in carpal tunnel syndrome.

Baby Monitor

Once the newborn opens its eyes to the world, the parents will have a hard time separating from it. They want to keep the baby near them at all times because they are too afraid something bad will happen to them. That being said, it’s better to get an audio-only or a video monitor and place it in the nursery to keep an eye on your little one. It will make you develop a healthier relationship with the infant as well.

Shopping for the nursery items should be an adventure that you enjoy doing with your partner. You can remove the stress from the shopping list by preparing well and doing your research before you go. The above supplies are the must-have ones that you need to consider first before buying any additional items.

By James Hunt