A Cheaper, Greener Alternative To Traditional Lighting!

A Cheaper, Greener Alternative To Traditional Lighting!

I’m not having a great deal of luck with Christmas presents this year as everything I order seems to arrive looking like it fell off the back of a lorry and the pictures I’ve carefully chosen presents by have clearly not been indicative of the actual wares. Today a bean bag arrived and it honestly looks like a garden refuse sack… That will teach me for not buying from sites which I know are reputable and have a good reputation and I must learn from it when investing in my next purchase. Florence wants some LED Lighting strips for her room and with that being a bit hard to tell from pictures in the first place it puts even more emphasis on buying from a brand I know I can trust!

So… I know where I have to look but what to look for and why? Well, it’s all about the aesthetic for Florence, my little Pinterest Queen, and she knows exactly the look she’s going for in her now very grown up looking bedroom (I swear it’s minutes since I was putting butterfly wall stickers up and a canopy above her bed) and I’m happy to gift her this but the true bonus as a parent is that LED lighting is actually a far greener and cheaper alternative to traditional lighting – perfect for a tweenager who cannot seem to ever turn one off then!

This type of energy efficient green lighting is not just for fashionable bedrooms however and provides a solution for public sectors like motorway lighting, roads, streets, parks and sporting facilities. In a world where we have to think more carefully about our environment beginning this journey at home has got to be the way forward. How about LED Panels to really modernise a look?!

It’s no wonder the world has switched both inside and out to LED. Conventional bulbs have a negative effect by producing more carbon than newer, LED bulbs and this massively contributes to global warming. LED will waste far less energy by turning it into heat meaning a 6 watt bulb can produce the same amount of light as a 40 watt traditional bulb while at the same time not getting anywhere near as hot making them far, far safer to use – another bonus with kids. Choosing LED also has a significantly longer lifespan too which means not only are we protecting the earth but our pockets as well – win/win on every level right?!

I guess sometimes it’s hard to make changes and use more energy efficient products because we like what we’re used to but when faced with the facts it really is a no brainer plus, kids today are just learning this from the off. Florence knows EXACTLY what she wants right down to her specified bulb and absolutely, part of that choice, will have been made without her thinking but because it’s better for the environment!

Education is key, being prepared to make changes is another ingredient we cannot do without and also taking a leaf from the kids (and the science) is where it’s finally at.

So… Florence will get her LED track lighting and I will have a less spendy bill this Christmas. Almost like I’ve had a light bulb moment!

Christmas will brighten the mood, our energy bill AND the environment!