My Aldi Best Buys!

I’ve not made any secret of the fact that, like my Mum, I am now an Aldi convert! She converted some time ago as she wrote about in her recent guest post for me but I am a newbie and with a recent like for like shop saving me £30 it’s easy to see why!

Nothing is scrimped on with quality and the lower prices, as far as I can see, are achieved with the ‘experience’ of the shop. It’s fast, it’s not done for pleasure but for need and there are no frills! In this current financial climate I think I can speak for lots of people not just myself and say who cares about the frills? £30 is £30 and definitely worth saving! So, my advice is grab a bag for life (or 6) and head to your nearest. Even if you don’t have one local they are worth travelling to!

We had some money given to us to spend in Aldi and when I went to stay with my Mum this week we spent it! We had a big family BBQ, a picnic type meal with Jonny’s family and some super evening meals and everything came from my Mum’s Mecca, Aldi!

What did I like the most?

Wine! Has to be said, the wine is superb and we bought quite a few bottle of pinot and other whites to enjoy last week with the family. Totally delicious and mostly well under a fiver a bottle! Can’t argue with that!

Deli type foods like marinated olives and stuffed sweet peppers! Both of these around the £1 mark but exactly the same as ones from other supermarket delis which would cost anything upwards of £2.99 depending on where you buy! Amazing!

Cold and continental meats such as prosciutto ham and salamis! Big packs are well under £2 and salty, unctuous and perfect for classy nibble evenings as well as home made pizzas!

The fresh salmon fillets are delicious and meaty and at £3.09 a pack totally woth it while the frozen lightly dusted sole filltes proved a real hit for the children. 1 fillet was enough for them to share and at £1.79 a pack you can’t go wrong!

The ready to cook food like ‘Hunters Chicken’, ‘Chicken Mini Roasts’ and ‘Chicken with Bacon’ which comprise two breasts, prepared in a style and in a dish which goes straight in the oven are wonderful value at £2.99 as are the ready to roast joints like the honey glazed gammon for the same price!

Raspberry punnets for 99p! Juicy and sweet!

Fresh veg from as little as 39p and herbs in pots for 89p while bags of them were even cheaper!

There wasn’t much I didn’t like. The Cheddar cheese as I’ve found before could be a little stronger but other cheeses like the mozerella is amazing! I also found a packet of salt and vinegar crisps to not have any flavour but big deal! You find stuff you don’t like so much when you spend a fortune on it so better to have spent a little instead!

The best bit of the week by far was the BBQ though and we enjoyed Aldi burgers (which we’ve had before), Aldi bake your own rolls (delicious and seedy) and home made kebabs! I liked the Halloumi and mushroom ones we made but the meat is so inexpensive and the marinated chicken wings are finger licking! Yum, yum, yum on a budget! Watch this blog space for more Aldi treats soon!

BBQ delights!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent some vouchers with which to buy and sample some Aldi food.

3 thoughts on “My Aldi Best Buys!

  1. I agree! Loved the chicken with cheese and bacon – big juicy fillets – perfect and all the deli stuff. Oh and 30 high strength cod liver oil tablets for 79p. Be rude not to!

    1. I just heard a great cod liver oil joke today! ‘A man threw a bottle of cod liver oil tablets at me, don’t worry, it just caused a super fish oil wound!’ Ba boom ching! x

  2. Hi..

    You lost me when you mention “Wine is superb”….. then you say you bought Pinot…

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