Park Your Bum And Jump Around!

What is it about children and sofas? They seem to see them as giant play things placed in their setting for the sole purpose of fun! Do they see a beautiful piece of furniture that accentuates the rooms’s decoration and enhances ones comfort for television viewing? Well mine certainly don’t! Nope, my children, like to climb on, build dens with, bounce upon, hide underneath and do pretty much everything to the sofa bar sit quietly on it while they read a book! They’re just so different to me because all I want to do is flake out on it (when I get the chance to actually sit on it) and do nothing much at all really!

Aldi Nappies 2
Jimmy having a good old bounce on our sofa!

When I first bought my bright red leather sofas, which I LOVE by the way, I was SO proud of them and looked after them so well. I’d have been disgusted to see them and how they look today with pen marks in places and areas which have been scrubbed over and over so that they now have worn patches where there was once a stain… (How do you decide what’s better?) We bought them before we had children and back then the thought of a pen mark on my lovely sofas would have left me in tears I think!

Children came along though with all the joy they bring but so did their felt tips and baby chubby hands grabbing for biros from the side! Their new teeth, super sharp and poised to bite right through leather with their milky hiccups about to disappear down the side of the creases also joined us and our sofa became a bit of a heap really! I guess all they might be good for these days is indeed jumping on!

Still comfortable and still in use but boy I’d like a new one! I’d choose something darker that wouldn’t notice the marks quite so much and one without too many creases for crumbs to fall down! I might even choose one which reclines for when that rare moment I get to slumber happens and I’d DEFINITELY choose leather again! For the most part it does wipe clean and believe you me, my sofa would look a WHOLE lot worse than it does if it had been material! I’ve been looking on line and found some lovely ones at really reasonable prices. I also found a superb leather corner sofa sold at which could be an amazing space saver with children! Their prices are very impressive, even for their custom made sofas – ever fancied having something made especially for you? Well visit 123sofa for British custom made sofas and you could be getting just that!

Take a look at their range, they really do have lots and you don’t even have to go out to browse as they’re on line of course! They also have some of those really comfy looking ones with loads of cushions and some luxurious looking material ones in cream… I might not be in the market for a cream sofa as it would surely get ruined with little ones but a girl can window shop can’t she! If you’re looking for a new place to park your botty in the evenings, they really do have some great looking bargains!

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