How To Grow Green Hair – #SaveSummer

It’s summer holidays time and that only means one thing! Bring on the fun!

With six whole weeks at home, it is up to us as parents to build entertainment for our little ones! Days out and entertaining children can be super expensive though so as well as the odd trip out to a theme park for a treat we need to do some brilliant things at home too!

We’re taking part in the Asda #SaveSummer challenge! This means that every week of the school holidays we will, as a family, take on a fun task set by Asda and share our antics with you! The good news is that the challenges are all really good value for money, of course, because everything you need comes from Asda!

This is our last week of the challenge and we’ve been growing green hair! Yep, that’s right, green hair! No, not on our heads silly, in stockings of course on little characters we prepared earlier! This is a really fun task that you can do with the children and it’s something which you can keep having fun with every single day as you check to see how your character’s hair is growing! When it’s really long the fun only gets better because then the little hair stylists can come out and get scissor happy with their styling techniques!

How do you do it?

1. Put a couple of spoonfuls of grass seeds at the bottom of your
stocking and then fill it with compost until you have a tennis ball shape.

2. Cut a mouth out of red paper and glue this and eyes onto your
ball. Now that your head has a face you can give it a name.

3. Fill an empty yogurt pot with water, put your new friend in and then
leave in the sun.

4. Top up the water in your pot as needed, and water your head every
day to ensure the soil is moist.

5. Sit back and wait for your friend’s hair to grow.

6. When the “hair” gets longer you can give your friend a stylish

Look how much fun we had making ours!

Filling the stockings!
And decorating them before popping them in pots to wait for their hair to grow!

I’m afraid that after a week our hair didn’t grow… perhaps there was something wrong with our grass seeds? Oh well! We didn’t get to trim any hair but we did have fun making them!

Oh dear – no hair! Never mind! Was still fun!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was supplied with the necessary tools to join in with the #SaveSummer challenge set by Asda.