My New Parenting Column In The Sunday Star!

My New Parenting Column In The Sunday Star!

I am SO super excited to be able to share with you all that I have a new fortnightly parenting column in the national newspaper, The Daily Star on Sunday!

I couldn’t be more over the moon (and STARS of course) for this move which I have known about since January but not been able to talk about (superstitions) until now! And today’s the day, my very first parenting column is published, it’s in print and and I am extremely proud!

In all honesty, and I’m going to bare a piece of my vulnerability to you now, I want to tell you truthfully how I feel. I’ve been mega excited, then I’ve felt nervous and worried that it wouldn’t happen, especially with the virus scuppering lots of other plans, but most of all I just feel very emotional about it because this is a bit of a career high for me. It is a massive goal achieved and I can’t quite believe it’s happened even though I put a lot of hard work and effort into my writing. I know that what I do, I do well and though I definitely don’t mean to sound arrogant about that (I know my shortcomings for sure – there are lots of them), for me writing comes easily and enjoyably and I have found it is both a passion and a vocation. So today, with this launch of my very own column, I am happy, so super happy!

I’ve been waiting for a break in my career for the longest time having started my blog a decade ago. Over the years I have considered giving up, giving in, wondered if I am simply no good and pondered what’s the point? But thankfully most of the time I’ve kept on grafting and working towards moments like this when I really and truly can celebrate a success for myself! This is a mega moment for me and perhaps I should more humbly say ‘Oh no, I was just in the right place at the right time’ (and this may be true) but I do rather hope it’s because I’ve been working hard and writing even harder!

I plan to bring humour and fun to the column with a good measure of real life which I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I am going to adore the creating! Parenting brings all kinds of stories from the ridiculously hard moments to the funniest of times with a whole heap of love in between. It wasn’t until I had children that I found writing to be a real beam of light and with this topic of family life that keeps on giving in the content, I hope I can lightheartedly bring some fun to other parents on a wider scale than I have been able to before.

I’ve many more plans and this column has given me just the boost to implement them so watch this space for more! I am a mummy, a blogger, an actress, a home maker and now I’m a columnist too! It’s very definitely celebration time over here! Happy Sunday y’all, my new favourite day of the week!